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Discover our best selection of the HR articles of July!!

The Leadership Skill Everybody Needs — And 90% Of Managers Lack by Liz Ryan

There are good reasons it’s easy to find lousy managers in virtually every industry and function.
It is no surprise that nearly every working person has one Bad Boss story ready to share, if not a collection of them.
New managers typically receive little to no training in “people management,” although it is the crux of their job.(…)

Talent management – for the many or just the few? By Dr Wendy Hirsh

Working on talent management with many organisations, their managers and staff, I often encounter unease and even hostility to the possibility that some development opportunities might be offered to some people but not others. So is talent management for the many or the few or can it be both?

Employee Engagement, the reverse perspective: 5 strategies to engage ourselves By Eva Offermans

Employee Engagement is a hot topic in HR these days and rightly so. HR leadership teams have all hands on deck to come up with plans to tackle this issue, since they are well aware that engagement impacts productivity. Most articles around this subject focus on their perspective: what should leaders/companies/HR do to engage their workforce?(..)

10 Tips to Heroic Leadership You Won’t Hear from HR By Angie Noel

You know you have mad leadership skills and you’ve read a ton of leadership books (titles and summaries totally count).  But you suspect there’s something you’re HR leader isn’t telling you. Here, in no particular order, are 10 powerful pointers from this 20 year HR exec that might be tough to hear but may just take your leadership to heroic heights.(…)

10 Surprising Benefits Of Gamification By Gal Rimon

Gamification isn’t just about rapid consumption of microlearning modules or supercharging employee performance. Not even about “fun” style of Pokemon Go. It also has significant effects on corporate culture and workplace design. Here are 10 of the most surprising benefits of gamification.(…)

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