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The year 2017 has been full of challenges in all areas. While it looks like the economy will bounce back, new circumstances are emerging that may bode for uncertainty in the future, like the one we have just gone through. To tackle this new future, companies must take a breather to reflect and analyse the key factors that made it possible to triumph over difficult situations confronted earlier.

In this moment of much-needed reflection, the first highlight of 2017 to mention is that it has been a year marked by growth as well as how technological investment has become a key success factor due to the consolidation in the market for cloud computing solutions. This new technological model is undoubtedly an opportunity that has allowed companies, regardless of their size or sector, to evolve according to their business needs and above all, to focus on their core, thus gaining efficiency and productivity.

The second highlight is the prevailing shortage of talent in the economy. Paradoxically, despite the unemployment levels that labour markets still bear, possessing the ability to attract, develop, and retain the best professionals is becoming increasingly difficult and poses one of the main challenges for organizations. Indeed this can hinder the future development of the economy, especially if we want to steer it towards sectors of high added value.

Lastly, international growth has become another indispensable, strategic issue for the long-term survival of organizations. Expanding their presence to other markets is crucial in order to be able to compete with the great international players.

Progress in the following three strategic lines of action: innovation, talent and international growth, are the determining factors that can lead companies to achieve business success and to overcome the potential difficulties that may arise in the future.

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