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1.  HR 101: 5 Simple Keys to Keeping Your People Engaged

“Organizations are leaving money on the table by not recognizing or acknowledging the talents and strengths of their employees and encouraging them and supporting them to use those skills. At the end of the day, everyone wants to do what they do best. And be acknowledged for a job well done.”

By Scott Span in


2. Do You Know the Dangers of Workplace Bullying?

“Right now, workplace bullying laws don’t exist on a federal level. That said, abuse on the basis of race, gender or another protected class is illegal. (…)he situation is complicated further because bullying can be hard to define, and bullies are experts at making their victims look like the perpetrators.”

By Suzanne Lucas in


3. HR Roundtable: Is Work/Life Balance a Myth?

“Each month Steve asks people to RSVP as to whether they can attend the Roundtable or not, and it was fun to get messages that people weren’t going to make it in July because they were going on vacation to “get more balance.” It seemed that the responses meant to say balance was escaping from work.”

By Steve Browne in


4. Gartner Says AI and Biohacking Will Shape the Future of Tech

“Gartner says movements and trends such as cloud computing, open-source technology projects and the “maker” community are fueling AI’s rise. It adds that AI is most prevalent in technologies such as AI platform as a service, artificial general intelligence, autonomous driving, autonomous mobile robots, flying autonomous vehicles, smart robots, conversational AI platforms, deep neural networks and virtual assistants.”

By Mike Wheatly in


5. How Can We Ensure Employee Health and Wellbeing During Restructuring?

“In today’s volatile political and economic climate, corporate restructuring is affecting more of us than ever before. Here are some tips for organisations navigating this to ensure that employees remain engaged throughout the process.”

By Karina Nielsen in

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