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1. The Future of Recruitment: What Will it Look Like and How Do We Get There?

“Digital transformation is not new and it’s having an impact on all areas of business, including recruitment; however, while some people are fully engaged in this disruption, others are not.Some organisations continue to think about talent acquisition as filling an open position rather than recognising it as a tool to engage with top talent and attract future employees and leaders.

By Marlon Herft at


2. How to Write Job Descriptions that Attract Great Candidates

“Today two-thirds of hiring managers say that attracting quality candidates is their number one recruiting challenge.Here are the top 5 tips to help every recruiter and hiring manager create job ads that deliver quality candidates.”

By Ramune Rubinaite


3. Take a Peek at 3 Real Corporate Well-Being Programs that Work

“Companies are investing more resources in creative wellness programs. Why? The evidence is mounting that the physical and emotional well-being of workers is intrinsically tied to the performance of organizations of all sizes. Still, statistics suggest there’s much room for growth (…) ”

By the Talent Culture Team at


4. The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional intelligence is largely thought of as people skills — how we perceive and express ourselves and how we develop and maintain social relationships.  But neuroscience and brain-based leadership studies have shown that it is so much more.”

By Shawn Andrews at


5. Happiness Tech is on the Rise. Is it Working?

“We often get so fixated on technological progress that we forget it’s merely one component of the entirety of human progress. Technological advancement does not necessarily correlate with increases in human mental well-being.”

By Raya Bidshahri at

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