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In today’s world, it is unthinkable for a multinational company to manage its Human Capital without a global management system. Multinationals are better off with a system that enables roll out of local and global best practices to the entire group —a system that unifies criteria and processes, and ultimately enhances talent development worldwide.

But bringing in the right kind of global HR management system is not easy. Successful implementation of any HRIS is a real challenge, and even more so when deploying a global HR solution.

This paper makes it easier for you to embark on this journey. We will walk you through all the different considerations you should look out for, right from the kind of focus on strategy, tactics, practical criteria and guidelines, as well as questions to put to your potential provider.

This 50 features checklist is divided into 3 sections:

  • Global Technology: the provider’s support of your global HR needs
  • Global HR Capabilities: countries, languages, legal jurisdictions, etc.
  • Talent management: recruitment, performance, learning and development, international mobility, etc.

You can download it here

50 global hr checklist

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