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10 Problems Solved With a Global HR Solution


In many local markets, the downturn has forced numerous companies, with little activity outside the regional market until now, to look for alternative business opportunities outside their countries of origin.

Expansion processes into new markets normally involve opening offices in other countries and setting up a local HR department to coordinate between the corporate HR office and the employees of the new site.

If the venture is successful, the small branch will grow rapidly together with the HR department, who will begin to be overwhelmed by their own daily business management needs as well as the requirements for information requests coming from headquarters.

Little by little this instant communication winds down to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annually. At some point, the corporate HR department eventually loses sight of the real situation in their different branches scattered around the world. In the best of cases, they will get a monthly report on what their global workforces may, or may not, look like.

Nor is it easy for corporate HR to manage under these circumstances. What started out as a great adventure—where it was essential to analyze the cultural impact, expatriate or mobility needs, direct communication with the local HR department, among other issues—soon turned into a nightmare. It became hellish to tally up information from different branches coming in different formats and probably with unsynchronized regularity.

If this scenario is familiar to your HR department, then it’s a good time to consider bringing in a technology solution that lets you manage your workforce globally. Even better still, a solution that can smoothly pull all your offices together...

You can find in this free paper the solution to some of the common problems multinational companies find in their HR departments when they haven’t been able to fix global employee management.

Alfonso Mazariegos

Alfonso Villalonga Mazariegos is a blogger focused on talent and knowledge management. An HR consultant at Meta4, a firm specializing in the implementation and deployment of HR solutions in enterprises, where he worked in customer projects covering recruitment, training, performance management, career development, benefits and time management. A veteran pilgrim of the Way of St. James and an avid football fan of Atlético.

Alfonso Mazariegos Villalonga es bloguero especializado en gestión del talento y del conocimiento. Consultor de RRHH en Meta4, firma especializada en la implantación y despliegue de soluciones de RRHH para la empresa, dónde ha trabajado en el área de proyectos entorno cliente en las áreas de Selección, Formación, Evaluación, Desarrollo de Carrera, Beneficios y Gestión del Tiempo. Peregrino veterano del Camino de Santiago y futbolero empedernido con sangre rojiblanca.

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