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3 Key HR Trends For 2013


Big Data, Global Talent, Cloud, Gamification, Social Recruiting, BYOD… different and complex concepts, but actually they are bringing into play three key trends that shape the future of HCM: HR departments being part of the business, global talent management and technology integration.

1. A new HR organization: Reading Bersin’s HR predictions, HR departments have gone through several stages, from being a ‘personnel department'  to a strategic HR and Integrated Talent management model, up until now, where we are talking about a ‘Businees-Driven HR’. The time has come when integrating HR strategies with the business, differentiating & segmenting talent, concentrating in a globalized workforce and HR  is a must.  In the words of Josh Bersin "Companies should redesign their HR departments to become more oriented to data analysis, be more proactive, aligned with the business and strategic in nature (p.17, Predictions for 2013)." Make proper decisions on talent management and leadership can significantly benefit business results.

2. Global Leadership and Talent: Talent is everywhere, and therefore recruitment processes must be done at a global scale. Gradually we will see how analytics and Big Data become more and more important. Also, this year we will hear much more about social recruiting: the vast majority of companies are recruiting through social networks, LinkedIn being the most widely used (80% of companies -source: E-Quest-); but also Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are sources used to find applicants. Some companies are even using gamification strategies for their selection processes.  As a result of all this we will continue to see a great approach towards employer branding.

3. Towards full technology integration: As Peter Hinssen, CEO of Across Technology, explained on his presentation at the HR Tech Conference, we are moving from a world where technology was just emerging  to a world  in which technology is completely integrated in the day to day activities; and in this sense, cloud and mobility are normal consequences of this natural integration: easy and immediate access to information from anywhere. HR Systems also evolve in the same direction, towards integrated global technologies: companies need to flee from information silos to unified Core HR systems. Solutions must centralize the HR management throughout the life cycle of employees and coordinate global and local strategies and policies.

Bettina R. Flick

Bettina Rodríguez es licenciada en Comercio Exterior y Marketing, Máster en Administración de Empresa por el Instituto de Empresa. Ha ocupado diversos puestos en el área de formación, preventa y marketing. Su carrera profesional se ha desarrollado siempre en el ámbito internacional de las empresas B2B en el sector de tecnologías de RRHH. En la actualidad dirige el departamento de marketing corporativo de Meta4.

Bettina R. Flick graduated in Foreign Trade and Marketing, and holds an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa. She has held various positions in training, pre-sales and marketing. Her professional career has always developed in the international environment of B2B companies in the HR technology sector. She currently manages the Meta4 Corporate Marketing department.

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