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6 creative techniques for the HR department


These months are not an easy time for Human Resources Department: employees are tired and yet they have lots of duties to accomplish before the year ends. HR policies have to deal with these circumstances and encourage the whole company to increase job satisfaction. But… how? In this article, we examine a variety of techniques that will help fulfilling this task: some of them are typical for human resource management, but we also suggest others taken from different areas such as marketing or communication. Let's be creative! 

"Lipdub": This technique aims to increase the pride of belonging to the company through the recording of music videos featuring all employees of an organization. This “team building” activity combines teamwork with fun and allows participants to strengthen ties between them.  Lipdub also improves productivity through a better understanding among members of an organization.

"Gamification": involves using mechanical design from the video-games in a different context. In HR its potential is huge: development, training, knowledge management, evaluation, collaboration, change management, action plans, healthy habits... Applying the same principles that are used in video games results in achieving the commitment of employees in different projects. According to a Gartner study presented last April, in 2015, over 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will “gamify” them, and over 70% of organizations mentioned in the Forbes Global 2000 will use “gamification” with at least one application.

"Use infographics": The use of infographics can help employees communicate problems, ideas, concepts and processes, allowing a more efficient dissemination of information and transfer of knowledge. For its viral nature, it has the potential of spreading information to every corner of an organization, which feeds the internal debate and dialogue. Also, if a computer graphic becomes popular and shared through social media, it can become a source of pride for the employees and the organization. Finally the use of computer graphics and understanding accelerates consumption information, facilitating communication of information and data related complex processes to the employees.

"Empowerment": The application of this management model is based on the delegation of power to the employees so they can make decisions with their own criteria. Its application increases employee motivation and contributes to a higher emotional salary, getting not only more productive individuals but synergistic teams.

"Engagement": Today is the ideal time to create a network where all employees are involved in their organizations with enthusiasm, strength and creativity to grow as individuals and as part of a network, and in which all feel a fundamental part of the character of the company’s brand. To generate the sense of engagement is necessary to recognize the value of all employees as individuals and the value of the work performed to achieve the objectives of the organization.

And finally… Why give up happiness while working? "Happyshifting" is a positive awareness technique, whose greatest defense is the pursuit of happiness for all employees in a company through work. In times of crisis like the present, have techniques that promote the generation of this positive attitude is a key factor to improve the work environment, productivity and profitability.

Guadalupe García-Soto

Guadalupe García-Soto está especializada en el área de Márketing y Comunicación de compañías B2B y cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia profesional en el sector de soluciones tecnológicas empresariales. Licenciada en Ciencias de la Información por la Universidad Europea de Madrid, Máster en Márketing y Tecnologías de la Información por el IE y Programa Superior en Dirección de Comunicación por ESIC, en la actualidad dirige el departamento de Márketing y Comunicación de Meta4 en España y Portugal

Guadalupe Garcia-Soto is specialized in B2B Marketing and Communication and has over 15 years of professional experience in the field of business technology solutions. Graduated in Media Sciences from the European University of Madrid, holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Information Technology from Instituto de Empresa, and completed the Advanced Program in Communication Management from ESIC. Currently she heads the Meta4 Marketing and Communication department in Spain.

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