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Best HR articles of the month! - February 2017


How To Win (Not Just Fight) The War For Talent, by David Ulrich in LinkedIN

Talent has been a primary agenda, if not obsession, for many general managers and human resource professionals for the last 20 years as captured in the maxim, “war for talent.” This talent emphasis has led to innumerable innovations in how organizations bring people into the organization, move them through the organization, and appropriately move them out of the organization as summaries in Table 1.

The Psychology of People Analytics, by Tom Haak in Analytics in HR

The attention to people analytics has increased enormously over the last few years. Many organizations have established people analytics teams, and several promising start-ups have developed software that can help HR with people analytics. The assumption is that if we have access to the right data, if we have the right analysis tools and clever people to interpret the data, we will be able to predict human behavior – and that these predictions will be used in a sensible way in organizations. I have some doubts…

The Science Behind What Really Drives Performance (It's Going to Surprise You), by  Marcel Schwantes in

Imagine you could have a skill where--in any given conversation with colleagues, clients, or subordinates--you could be keenly aware of, and even experience, their feelings and thoughts. Sounds like some X-Men-like psychic superpower right? Well, what if I told you that anyone can have this uncanny ability and use its strength and charm to have successful conversations? Well, you can. The superpower I refer to is called empathy. But this skill--and it is a learned skill available to anyone--is often misunderstood because there are variations of it. I'll get to the science of it shortly.


Is social recognition the key to keeping employees loyal?, by Derek Irvine in HRZone

Over the past year, there has been a lot of fluctuation in the UK job market. In August, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that UK unemployment had fallen by 52,000 between April and June 2016, however just two months later, it revealed that there had been a slowdown in job creation and average weekly earnings were starting to dip…


The people power of transformations, by Dana Maor, Angelika Reich and Lara Yocarini in

A new survey suggests that for their transformations to succeed, organizations need employee buy-in at all levels, consistent communication, and better people strategies. Organizational transformations are hard work, and according to the latest McKinsey Global Survey on the topic,1 companies are no more successful at overhauling their performance and organizational health than they were ten years ago.2 A particular blind spot seems to be the failure to involve frontline employees and their managers in the effort…

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