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Best HR Articles of the Month - September 2016



Human Capital Is Their No. 1 Challenge, So CEOs Must Demand More From HR!  by John Sullivan @DrJohnSullivan

A recent survey of global CEOs and board chairmen was conducted by the prestigious Conference Board, and it concluded once again that human capital is the top challenge that they face. While some in talent management and HR might feel honored to be at the top of the CEO’s watch list, they should instead view this listing as a failure, because they have been at the top of the challenges list two years in a row.

3 Critical Factors To Help Your Team Stay The Course by Tanveer Naseer @TanveerNaseer in his blog

When it comes to leading teams, the common focus in the leadership literature tends to be on team building; on answering the question of how do we rally people and get them on board and aligned with our company’s vision or long-term goals. Of course, this makes a lot of sense when we realize that our chances to succeed in pushing forth a new initiative or change mandate is dependent on how much our employees are genuinely invested in bringing their best efforts to transforming this idea into our new reality...

6 Ways to Retain Your Tech Talent by Marco Tabini and Yusuf Simonson @mtabini@ysimonson in

There are several tips to not only keep top tech talent but also foster a great work environment while doing so. When it comes to recruiting and managing talent, there’s a pretty basic concept that everybody seems to agree with: You want to keep awesome people around. After all, the better your employees, the better your company, right?

Remote working can be a mixed blessing for both employers and employees by Lucy Miles in CIPD

But setting clear ground rules and treating employees fairly will help employers avoid the risks associated with unconventional working arrangements. More people are working flexibly than ever before, with advances in technology fuelling the rise of home working in particular. But while research has in the past suggested that people who work from home are more productive than office-based workers, a recent study shows that the benefits of full-time home working disappear over time...

Team Building Exercises For Leaders by Kerry Creas @kerrycreas in Lead Change Group's blog

When we think of a leader we all use the general definition of a leader: someone others follow, someone who inspires others to do what they want them to do. In business a leader or boss must make decisions that affect employees in many ways from wages to vacation time and more. If you have worked for more than one boss in your career so far then you know that there are different styles of leadership or management. True leaders already know the team building exercises that will make the team strong and loyal and will help that leader to inspire his team to do great things...

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