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Best HR Articles of 2018


 1.The Rise of the Social Enterprise: A New Paradigm for Business

By Josh Bersin in

After a year of research and another enormous survey of business and HR leaders around the world, we just released the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2018, entitled “The Rise of the Social Enterprise.” What we found, after detailed analysis of the data and many interviews with business leaders, is that business today is entering a whole new paradigm for management: one which considers a business less of a “company” and more of an “institution,” integrated into the social fabric of society…

 2.Gartner says AI and biohacking will shape the future of tech

 By Mike Wheatley in Silicon ANGLE

“Gartner says movements and trends such as cloud computing, open-source technology projects and the “maker” community are fueling AI’s rise. It adds that AI is most prevalent in technologies such as AI platform as a service, artificial general intelligence, autonomous driving, autonomous mobile robots, flying autonomous vehicles, smart robots, conversational AI platforms, deep neural networks and virtual assistants.”

 3.Leaders, Want To Master Innovation? Then Get Funny! 

By Jaime Anderson and Gabor George Burt in

In the beginning, there was humor and there was laughter. And it was good. But then, work became suffocatingly serious. Until now.

There’s an entire branch of social science that studies the psychological and physiological effects of humor and laughter on the brain and the immune system— it’s called gelotology.

 4.How CEOs Manage Time

By Michael E. Porter and Nitin Nohria in HBR

“The scope of the organization’s managerial work is vast, encompassing functional agendas, business unit agendas, multiple organizational levels, and myriad external issues. It also involves a wide array of constituencies—shareholders, customers, employees, the board, the media, government, community organizations, and more. Unlike any other executive, the CEO has to engage with them all.”

 5.How to Build High-performing Teams and Gain the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

By Janice Smith in Workforce

“Trust is invaluable in effective teamwork. Workplace expert and writer Patrick Lencioni said it best. ‘Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.’ ”

 6.HR Roundtable: Is Work / Life Balance a Myth?

By Steve Browne in TLNT

“Each month Steve asks people to RSVP as to whether they can attend the Roundtable or not, and it was fun to get messages that people weren’t going to make it in July because they were going on vacation to “get more balance.” It seemed that the responses meant to say balance was escaping from work.”

 7.How To Make Learning A Habit You Enjoy

By Liz Guthridge in Forbes

“(…) it will be easier to find time to learn if you redefine your relationship with education. For example, think of yourself as an adult learner, not a student. (…) You give yourself the permission and flexibility to integrate learning into your day as you see fit. And you’ll discover that learning doesn’t have to be a discrete activity that begins when a bell rings or a deadline looms. Instead, learning is more like a regular exercise routine you voluntarily do on your time schedule.”

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