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Best HR Articles of December 2017


Discover here our best selection of articles of December 2017

1. Designing your office around the five senses. By Dr Marie Puybaraud

Why human interaction matters more than ever in an age of digitisation.

Have you ever wondered which features in your office directly stimulate the five senses? The view of the sky, the tinkling of a fountain, maybe the grain in wooden desks, the crunchy salads from the in-house café and the smell of coffee roasting? If this doesn’t sound familiar it is because we are often left with uninspiring memories of our office: a view of a partition wall, the buzz of photocopiers or the claustrophobia of stuffy elevators. (...)

2. Artificial Intelligence trends become today’s HR realities. By HR Jump

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the past years has profoundly impacted a tremendous number of companies and sectors. Take the example of supply chain functions – these have been completely reshaped and fully robotized warehouses are now the new standard. In parallel, other support or corporate functions have also caught this technological wave, but not with the same speed and pace. Human Resources today are the perfect illustration: the shift towards Digital HR has started for pioneer organizations, but the majority of companies are still in the reflection and conceptualization stages. (...)

3. What to Do After a Job Interview. By Kelli Easley

You did it! You made it through the interview, asked all the right questions and you’re feeling confident you could be selected for the position. Now that it’s over, the ball’s in their court to make the next move, right? Not necessarily. Having a thoughtful and proactive post-interview follow up strategy is just as important as your approach to the job search.

Should you follow up? If so, when? How often? How do you demonstrate continued interest after an interview and remain abreast of where you are in the process while still being respectful of the hiring manager’s timeline? (...)

4. Helping HR Care for the Business Traveler. By Mike Eberhard

Imagine it’s late evening and an unexpected incident has occurred somewhere in the world. Does your company know where its traveling employees are? Could they determine within minutes who was impacted, safe or might need assistance?

In the year ahead, we expect employee safety and duty of care to remain a top business priority. Businesses will scrutinize their data, systems, processes and procedures to determine how they can improve their ability to ensure employee safety when the unfortunate occurs. Human resources will continue playing an important role in this.(...)

5. HR, are you doing a good job?. By Fabrizio Ulivi

Defining ‘good HR’ today may seem like an impossible task. The reason is not surprising: the world of business has changed dramatically, and has become more volatile and unpredictable than it ever was. On a daily basis, business-line managers, organizational leaders and strategic decision-makers are faced with new challenges, exploring uncharted territories and managing disruption in almost every industry.

In this context, the HR function is often considered as ‘doing a good job’ when it provides just-in-time and to-the-point solutions.(...)

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