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Best HR Articles of February 2018



1Forecasting The Next IT-Driven Productivity Take-Off

  • US productivity growth has been dismal ever since the last high-growth period, ending around the early 2000s
  • Some firms at the technological frontier tend to win more; and others that are not are falling behind. This refers to OECDs “frontier firms”
  • Technologists, including firms like Gartner (where I work) believe that we have plenty of technology and opportunity ahead of us to create more value

By Andrew White in Gartner


2. Seven Strategies to Move Your HR Business Partners from the Hot Seat to the Driver’s Seat

The good news for Strategic HR Business Partners: You’ve got a seat at the table. The bad news: it’s a very hot seat.

The HR Business Partner is one of the toughest jobs in HR today.  The pressure to perform is high, yet so is turnover, burnout, restructuring, and overall lack of clarity on the HRBP’s most important strategic requirements, in the face of increasing tactical and operational demands...

By Amy Armitage in LinkedIN

3. Before You Set New Goals, Think About What You’re Going to Stop Doing

Remember your new year’s resolutions? Are you still doing them? If the answer is “no,” most likely you fell into the trap that stops most individuals from accomplishing their resolutions: not consciously taking old activities out of their schedule to make room for the new. It’s the equivalent of trying to stuff more papers into a file drawer that’s already packed tight or going into debt to cover additional purchases. You can take the pinch for a little while, but soon you’re stretched too thin and need to recalibrate to get back to a sustainable lifestyle (or filing system)...

by Elizabeth Grace Saunders in HBR

4. #WorkTrends Recap: How to Apply a Global Mindset to Training

How does your company manage training? If you have remote employees on the payroll or your employees work in different locations around the globe, chances are your training isn’t happening in one place anymore. So what do business leaders, HR pros and trainers need to know about training a global, virtual audience? In her career as a global trainer, Donna Steffey has visited 25 countries over 25 years. I asked her advice on building a global mindset and applying it to training and learning...

By Meghan M. Biro in Talent Culture


5. Seven New Onboarding Strategies You'll See This Year

According to a study from Equifax, more than half of all employees who left their job in the past year did so within the first 12 months. To counter this problem, more and more companies are turning their efforts toward retention, and that starts with onboarding. Recently, we asked members of Forbes Coaches Council to describe new onboarding strategies companies will be using this year. Here's what they said...

By Forbes Coaches Council in Forbes

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