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Best HR Articles of January 2018


1. Gartner Top 3 HR Insights for 2018

A focus on organizational culture, manager coaching and equitable pay will set the foundation for improved performance outcomes in 2018.

Today’s disruptive workforce trends have caused a lot of upheaval. But amid challenges such as remote workers, shorter employee tenure and frequent team structure changes, real life has changed for the better in ways both small and profound.

by Sharon George

2. Leaders, Want To Master Innovation? Then Get Funny!

In the beginning, there was humor and there was laughter. And it was good. But then, work became suffocatingly serious. Until now.

There’s an entire branch of social science that studies the psychological and physiological effects of humor and laughter on the brain and the immune system— it’s called gelotology.

By  Jaime Anderson and Gabor George Burt, in Tanveer's blog.

3. Leadership Tips on Managing Risk without Being Recklessness

I have reported some of our proposed Leadership Code 2.0 competencies to be an effective leader in today’s changing world.

We discovered that navigating paradox has become one of the differentiating skills of leaders who deliver business results. Let me probe deeper into one of the thorniest paradoxes of leadership in the Execution domain of leadership and offer tips on its navigation: managing risk without being reckless. 

By David Ulrich

4. Davos Discussions on the Future of Work and Digital Business Progress

For me, attending The World Economic Forum in Davos is a privilege. I can think of few other instances when the world’s greatest minds and influencers come together for the sole purpose of improving the state of the world. Not even the torrents of snow could keep me away.

Since arriving, I’ve had several meaningful conversations with business and political leaders on a staggering amount of topics. And each time, no matter what was being discussed, the conversation turned to technology.

By Peter Sondengaard

5. 12 reasons why digital transformations fail

Digital transformations are fashionable these days. You won't find an enterprise that isn't leveraging some combination of cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to better serve customers or streamline operations.

But here's a hard truth about digital transformations: Many are failing outright or are in danger of failing. Half of 400 U.S.-based senior executives polled by Wipro Digital in 2017 believe their company isn’t successfully executing 50 percent of their strategies. One in 5 say their company’s digital transformation is a waste of time. (...)


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