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Best HR Articles of the Month! – April 2017


5 very interesting articles that will make you think...

Step #2: Condition Your Employees to Embrace “Different", by Mallun Yen in

If a CEO dresses in a black tee, jeans, and sneakers, we all know the trickle-down effect it has on the rest of the organization. Because many startups are founded by a group of buddies, there’s a natural and implicit tendency toward hiring (or funding) the same kind of person. This often results in an imbalanced organization and a workforce skewed to a particular gender, personality, or type, including the 'bro' culture so frequently mentioned in the media these days. (I discuss my theories as to why this happens in my second post of this nine part series, The Buddy Syndrome: Why Companies Look the Same and Why Changing That is So Hard.)...

You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Great Leader. by Lolly Daskal in

Many people believe leadership is something that's conferred along with a title or attained when you direct a team of people, but true leadership is never about authority or power. It's about helping others grow, and that's something anyone can do. If it's your desire to influence and have an impact on others, you have leadership qualities. And if you can inspire people to do something they thought they couldn't do, demonstrate how the impossible is possible, believe in someone when they didn't believe in themselves, you're already a leader...

Ten Company Rules That Destroy Trust And Teamwork, by Liz Ryan in Forbes

What inspires your employees to care about their work? Employees care about their work when they know their company cares about them! You cannot force your employees to care. If they don't care about hitting their goals, you can put them on probation and fire them one after the other, but it won't help. When fear takes over your culture, you will never climb out of it until you learn to trust your team. If you want creativity, collaboration and big ideas from your team, you have to invest time and energy building a high-trust culture...

4 Powerful Ways to Boost Confidence Forever, by Barrie Davenport in

Changing your thoughts is the most essential aspect of boosting your confidence. Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts also produce the emotions you have about yourself and your abilities. If you think you're incapable, not smart enough, or lacking in some way, you're flooded with negative feelings that suck your energy and motivation. The optimal way to approach creating confidence is by changing your thoughts and your behavior at the same time, even if you have feelings of fear or doubt. By mindfully ceasing old thought patterns and replacing them with new ones, you're teaching your brain new habits and creating new neural pathways...

How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer, by Rebecca Knight in Harvard Business Review

Congratulations! You got the job. Now for the hard part: deciding whether to accept it or not. How should you assess the salary as well as the other perks? Which publicly available information should you rely on? How should you try to get a better deal? And what’s the best way to decline an offer if it’s not the right job for you?...

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