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Best HR Articles of the Month – August 2017


How to successfully work across countries, languages and cultures by Tsedal Neeley for Harvard Biz Review

According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute report, the number of people in the global labor force will reach 3.5 billion by 2030 — and yet there will still be a shortage of skilled workers. The result is likely to be intensified global competition for talent. Rather than assuming we’ll work in one location, in our native culture, we will need new skills, attitudes, and behaviors that help us work across cultures…

The 17 Things Employees Care About Most At Work by Jacob Morgan for Inc.

Employee experience is all about providing employees with an environment where they want, not need to come to work--a place where they can feel energized and free to be themselves to get their best work done. But what does that actually look like? Based on interviews with hundreds of executives and leaders at companies around the world ranging from the Chairman of the Board at Yahoo to the CHRO of Marriott to the CEO of Jamba Juice for my new book, I put together a framework that allows companies to design great employee experiences. Employee experience may seem complicated, but it really boils down to three environments: technological, physical, and cultural.

Goodbye Transactional Leader. Hello Transformational. By Joshua Miller

Nowadays, everyone wants to be the game changer, the underdog, the disruptor or whatever the next buzz word is - but in the pursuit of greatness and IPO's, many leaders lose their way and forget "how" to manage people. For some it's quite easy because they are better leaders than managers but for others who have no choice but to assume both roles - the challenge can be quite complex…

101 Good Habits for a Productive, Prosperous, Happy Life. By Entrepreneur

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a career professional, a student or even unemployed, your habits are either empowering you to achieve and succeed, or deterring and holding you back. For most of us, we're limited by our habits. We have habits that hold us back and can't seem to quit. But for others, who possess a repertoire of really good habits, success and goal achievement is more automatic and easily realized...

6 Questions to Build a High Performance Team by Rajesh Soundararajan

Over the last twenty years, I spent a major part of my career in leadership roles. This had given me an opportunity to work with people in the dozens of roles, that panned across many organizations, countries. It was also a wonderful opportunity to manage scores of teams and learn from many managers. I was also fortunate to learn many things from my managers and can proudly say that there not a single boss that I did not learn something from or admire for...

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