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Best HR Posts of October 2017!


5 Great Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at Work. By Priyansha Mistry

There are ways to celebrate Halloween at work, no matter how strict your office is. You can bring in your favorite candy and throw a trick-a-treat event at your office for the employee families. You can even extend the celebration by decorating the whole office with colored pumpkins and gourds. If you want to get all Martha Stewart, you can organize an office pumpkin carving contest. You may be an adult going to work but that doesn’t mean you can’t have all that fun. To help usher in that spooky spirit, we have singled out our favorite ideas to celebrate Halloween at work. (...)

Work: Disrupted... What Should HR Do? The Seven Practices of High-Impact HR.
By Josh Bersin

The world of work has been disrupted in ways I've never seen. We're working many more hours (we've lost an entire week of vacation time since 2000), we feel overwhelmed (40% of US workers believe their work is "highly stressful"), and more and more people are taking on gig-work and alternative work arrangements.And everywhere, we are re-inventing our skills and ourselves to cope with the rise of labor-saving technology and software, including Artificial Intelligence. (Read the article "Catch the Wave, 21st Century Careers" for more on this.) (…)

Self-Coaching: Life Skills for Lasting Success. By Beth Shepard

Workplace wellness coaches offer employees and family members a personalized approach to behavior change. Whether or not your organization offers this resource, why not teach participants the skills they need to coach themselves to a healthier lifestyle?

The Coaching Framework

Certified wellness coaches integrate a wide range of skills and knowledge — in behavioral and motivational science, positive psychology, health promotion, relationship building, and much more — to facilitate lasting change. (...)

10 Ways to Improve Culture in the Workplace. By WELCOA (Wellness Council of America)

Whether you already have a strong workplace culture and are simply looking for ways to make it even better, or you’ve identified issues and are trying to find ways to change your company culture, the ideas below can help you achieve your goals.

1. Be Intentional about Company Culture

Every workplace has a culture. Some are positive and productive with happy employees. Others are toxic. And there are plenty somewhere in the middle. To shape your company’s culture, you have to make it a priority.

If you’re truly serious about workplace culture, it should be just as much of a focus as things like product development and services. Don’t let your company culture happen. Actively work to create the type of workplace culture you desire. (…)

What to avoid when job-searching in HR. By Laura Mazzullo

As a Recruitment Specialized focused on the placement of Human Resources professionals, I receive many inquiries each day from potential candidates who welcome partnering with me on their search for a new opportunity. I love receiving these notes, and look forward to supporting these HR professionals with their search!

The purpose of this article is to help guide individuals on how to improve the notes they are sending out, so they can receive a greater response rate. Many have asked me recently “How can I ensure I hear back from more hiring managers and Recruiters? How can I improve the introductions I am sending?” Hopefully these tips will help! (...)

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