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Cool HR ideas from the HR Tech conference


There’s much to read in Twitter on the different brilliant ideas the HRTech speakers share, but what about the attendees? What are their cool ideas? We wanted to find out, so we chased this up through the hashtag #coolHRidea.

The feedback was just fantastic, the participants made interesting and thought-provoking comments. One of the most notable topics was vacation time (to be expected!). There was also plenty of buzz on motivating the employee, creativity, latest talent trends, recruiting, evaluation, transparency, personal development, and also HR technology in the cloud and mobility.

The winners each took home a MiP robot. Here are some of the #coolHRidea tweets and photos of the winners:



Here the pictures of the winners! 


susancoolhridea Winner @SteelBridgeHR & @BettinaRFlick



gabecoolhridea Winner @gabevillamizar & @MRguez3



didicoolhridea Winner @didirubio & @mrmatarranz



withtroy With @ksat88 & Troy Head



erincoolhridea With Jess, in representation of winner @ErinMaryD & @martaroundworld


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