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Five critical points where HR can take lead during uncertainty

After the latest events, when the Spanish Government declared the State of Alarm to protect our health and safety, and to contain the spreading of COVID-19, VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environments and digital transformation make more sense than ever before. For us to overcome this situation, technology is an essential asset to keep our business activities going.

Now is the time when the HR function takes on a leading role for ensuring employee safety and business continuity. Technology, particularly SaaS solutions (software as a service), is a great ally for companies so they are able to adapt flexibly and quickly to this new uncertainty.

At Meta4, based on our experience and extensive industry expertise, we have identified five critical points where HR can take lead with cloud solutions:

  • Ensure business continuity. Aligning HR and employees with their customers’ needs is key to the survival of organizations. As an organization is required to be running faultlessly under such circumstances, cloud solutions enable both employees and HR professionals to access data and updated information from any device. Companies are thus able to provide their services through teleworking whenever the nature of their business allows it. Moreover, this type of cloud solution safeguards the security of processes, as the provider is ultimately responsible for maintaining all of the company's information.
  • Guarantee continuity of the most critical HR processes. Undoubtedly payroll management is one of the most critical processes for HR and for companies. This process is safeguarded through outsourcing the technology platform to a trusted provider that has security and contingency plans for assuring operational continuity. In a scenario marked by uncertainty, organizations with a SaaS solution in place can assure an aspect as important as salary payments.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance. Constant evolution of cloud solutions, their never-ending updates ensures regulatory compliance of any HR process, such as the recent Spanish labour law that enforces companies to record daily the working hours and activities of their employees, and this can be continued to be done through using a cloud HR solution. Such solutions enable companies to quickly adapt to new measures that may come up, such as job furlough management schemes (Spanish ERTES) or any of the possible legal payroll changes that may arise in the course of the current situation.
  • Guarantee the continuity of strategic processes. Through the constantly evolving functionalities and technology of SaaS platforms, customers can have access to the latest market innovations and best practices that this type of multi-client platform keeps adding in, based on customer needs. Along these lines, after overcoming this situation, we can think about how this kind of innovative tools enables organizations to keep on managing strategic processes for their businesses—like recruitment, by using video interviews to avoid unnecessary risks—or how employees can continue to access their training programs with e-learning solutions during this period without suspending their development plans, which would subsequently incur costs.
  • Guarantee security and privacy when managing HR and Payroll processes. Outsource risk management and delegate to experts the security design, supervision, and compliance with market-recognized policies and standards, audited by third parties and certified by security standards such as ISO27001, SOC and CSA STAR. 

Even though we have been hearing for a long time about the numerous competitive advantages such cloud solutions bring companies, particularly for HR professionals, now it will become clearer than ever that organizations embracing these cloud solutions will be able to manage this new challenge we’ve have run into. Moreover, after overcoming it, these companies will undoubtedly fast track transformation towards the future of work.

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