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Flexible proposals for talent attraction and preventing attrition

A fundamental part of every company, the HR department is the key area from which we define competencies and identify the challenges to overcome so we can position ourselves as prominent employers that stand out among companies who are after the same thing as us: to have the best talent.

Excellence in attracting and recruiting the talent we want entails finding out what elements set us apart and differentiate us from other organizations, establishing how we’re going to promote our company, brand, identity and values, while being clear on who we are and what we offer. Above all, it involves communicating and spreading this in the right way.

A good leader is essential because he or she has the ability to understand and make current and new employees aware that they are important to the company and that they will be the ones enabling us to keep on developing the business.

Identifying what jobs will be offered, what kinds of vacancies there will be, what development someone joining the company can have, and how to make them impact other work teams—all this is what makes us appealing to the human talent we want to attract. It no longer suffices to have an economic proposal; this must be a value proposal, a comprehensive one that captures the talent we want to recruit and retain. One that covers welfare, security, development, and growth issues and good experience as a partner. In short, a flexible and personalized proposal that generates a sense of belonging.

Creating a value proposal using the above elements will help set us apart from the competition and promote our company to job seekers as the employer of choice for top talent and for us to retain our talent.

This value proposal must be realistic, credible, and outstanding for it creates the link through which our company values and mission can be transmitted and sustained. It must contribute to creating an aspirational image that builds the reputation of the collaborators who are part of our workforce.

At this point technology has become an indispensable tool we can use to automate organizational processes, create communication channels, store data, analyse information on the people who are working and will be working with us, and determine audience diversity, so we can find out how to explore them deeper to understand their expectations, motivations as well as their concerns. All the information collected allows us to understand where our employees are going, to be predictive in their career development, to recruit better, and to work on a value proposition that successfully leads to decreased talent attrition.

Maribel Cano Fernández

Experta en Marketing y Comunicación, suma más de 20 años de experiencia en empresas de soluciones tecnológicas b2b, desarrollándose en áreas de Marketing, Alianzas, Comunicación y Ventas. Maribel actualmente dirige la estrategia de Marketing y Comunicación en Meta4 para América Latina. Desde esa posición, se enfoca en ayudar organizaciones a generar una verdadera transformación digital en sus procesos de RRHH.

Es Licenciada en Administración, especializada en Marketing por el ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México), también cuenta con una Master en Comunicación Institucional por la Universidad Panamericana, estudios de Postgrado en Planeación Estratégica y Marketing Digital por el ITAM y la Universidad de Austin Texas, respectivamente.

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