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Thank you! #GlocalThinking winner of the Silver Award from RRHH Blogosfera 2016


This is a really special year for us; it is our 25th anniversary and we could not have a better reward than the honour of winning the silver in the RRHH Blogosfera awards. The RRHH Blogosfera is an HR blog contest which widely read in the Spanish speaking world, an initiative by the HR consultancy company tatum and the Spanish HR and Labour Relations magazine, Observatorio de Recursos Humanos y Relaciones Laborales.

We are proud to share the stage with such highly reputable experts like Santi GarcíaAngel Largo, Xavier Camps, and Manel Muntada. The dream we had of creating a space dedicated to sharing HR content of value has come true. This space bringing together everyone—experts and anyone interested in the HR field is how #Glocalthinking came about.

In gratitude and acknowledgement of their contributions, we would like to share this award with all those who have made this wonderful project possible. Without these marvellous people we would not be witnessing the rich collaborative experience between different departments, professional disciplines, countries and always united by the interest in and passion for people management.

Thank you to Blogosfera de Recursos Humanos, tatum and Observatorio de Recursos Humanos y Relaciones Laborales, and the members of the jury for giving us the motivation, enthusiasm and momentum to improve every day.

Another thank you goes to each of our external collaborators and friends for sharing their knowledge. For us it is a real luxury to have the opportunity to learn from them through each of their articles and share them throughout our entire community.

Thank you to our internal collaborators, the employees of our company,for showing that we too can support and contribute to enrichingGlocalthinking.

Thank you to our entire community of friends who follow us on our social channels and help us improve every day.

Lastly, our joy has been saddened by the unfortunate and unexpected lossof one of our regular contributors, Octavio Ballesta.  So here is a special mention and thanks to Octavio, we feel very fortunate and proud to have had the opportunity to work with this great HR expert. We join the beautiful tribute to him and his talent paid in “Vaporti y portutalento” written by Eva Collado and Ricard Loria.

Thank you all and congratulations on this award!

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Meta4, with 1,300 customers in 100 countries, manages more than 18 million people worldwide. The company’s R&D&I center located in Spain (Madrid) develops HR applications capable of meeting local and global needs of all types of organizations. The editorial team is made up of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the HR technology field.

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