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Our 5 Favorite HR articles of the month! – March 2016


This list of the 5 Best HR articles of the month will guide you through some of the trends affecting the workplace and the HR Professionals of the moment:


    1. Why All the Individual Suggestions for Engagement Are Wrong by Paul Herbert.
      Whether we’re talking employees, channel partners or consumers, “engagement” is the holy grail of business. If you read the blogs, the tweets and now the “chats” engagement is the thing. Nothing else matters if you don’t have engagement.
    2. We need to talk about HR Analytics by Ed Houghton for CIPD.
      Our data showed us that the majority of HR professionals either don’t do analytics (8%) are just starting out (13%) or have set up a simple system but are not applying it to any strategic issues (29%). Very few have managed to step in to the “optimising” space, where we state that analytics is truly predictive (7%). It’s easy to see then that there are still barriers in place which are preventing analytics from having real impact.
    3. Culture Is Not the Culprit by Jay W. Lorsc and Emily McTague for Harvard Business Review.
      When organizations get into big trouble, fixing the culture is usually the prescription. That’s what most everyone said General Motors needed to do after its recall crisis in 2014—and ever since, CEO Mary Barra has been focusing on creating “the right environment” to promote accountability and head off future disasters.
    4. Workplace Flexibility Matters For Men, Women And Your Bottom Line by Brendon Schrader for Forbes.
      For many years, when we talked about “workplace flexibility” or “flex time,” most people really only thought it applied to working mothers. But workplace flexibility has always been something fathers value, too. And the conversation about flexible work is becoming more and more gender-inclusive.
    5. The Quantified Workplace: Technology vs Trust? by Andrew Spence.
      Jo, an Account Manager is being taken to the office in a BUG, a BeemerUberGoogle driverless car.  She is discussing her day with her automated coaching partner, Sirius. “I notice that you had less alpha-rhythm sleep last night.   I suggest you have some breakfast, to increase your energy levels. At 11am you have a meeting with the new Client Executive.  She is usually sceptical initially but warms up.  Remember to ask an open question, and smile to help her feel at ease.  I notice that Lee, your Insights Manager, has a different socialising pattern and lower productivity since coming back from sick leave last week – might be worth checking in with him today while in the office?"

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