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HR tech Conference 2012: a global HR event


This fifteenth edition of the HR Tech Conference has been a resounding success, breaking records of participation of both exhibitors and attendees. Walking through the halls o McCormick Place it was more than evident that the sector is experiencing a golden age, with all the software industry looking to invest in HCM.

Certainly, two general trends in the evolution of this market are “Cloud” and the Global Management of Human Resources. The range of services in Cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) has grown from being a basic characteristic to an important requirement necessary to compete in the market: this importance could be seen through large influx of people attending the conference of Naomi Bloom "Bringing HR to the Cloud ", which opened the second day sessions as well as in Thomas Otter’s,"SaaS Contracts: How Not To Get Ripped Off!", which brought the discussion down to a practical level.

Moreover, there was something particularly remarkable in this show, the fact that it is becoming a global event, with the attendance of professionals from over 28 different countries. This is just another indication of the general trend of companies towards globalization, and the important role that Corporate Human Resources play in the process. Organizations are fleeing information silos, towards unified database and Core HR solutions: unifying the life cycle of employees and promoting the generation of shared HR practices.

As was expected, the great trends of social and mobility were present. Most vendors are developing a mobile application, but, as Josh Bersin says on his event review, “there are still too many platforms in the market and companies need a “platform neutral" strategy, and most seem to prefer HTML5. Socially, the event was a dizzying follow on Twitter (there were times when we saw a tweet every 6 seconds) and LinkedIn, and it seems to be changing the industry in some way we yet cannot totally predict, especially in Recruitment (I’ll go into this topic in my next article, dedicated to employer branding).

As you see, the time is really exciting and promising for our industry and can be summarized in one word: integration, integration of both global and local HR management, integration of software solutions, and integration in the way we communicate inside and outside the company.

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Carlos Castellanos

Carlos Castellanos Isla is a computer engineer from the University of Deusto. He has spent his entire career at Meta4, having held management responsibilities in different areas of the company. Before creating the Global HR Operations Division in 2011 he was in charge of Presales and R&D in Spain for the private and public sectors.

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