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Key Skills For Entrepreneurs


The other day I had a chance to attend the interesting presentation given by our blog collaborator, Javier Fernández Aguado at the conference “Prepárate Madrid 2013”. This event dealt with issues concerning “Managing Personal Change” and the entrepreneur. In his speech, the management expert explained that all entrepreneurs have certain traits in common and expounded some of these (although he claimed there were more than forty recorded). I’ll set them down here for you.


1. Need for achievement: An entrepreneur gets up every day wanting to break through his own limits.

2. Constancy: Obviously however creative and innovative one may be, effort is the key for achieving any goal.

3. Optimism: No plan ever happens exactly how it was written down, that’s why in the face of adversity, it’s vital to have the capacity to hold on to what’s positive to find solutions.

4. Innovation: It’s crucial to reinvent onself every day and watch the market.

5. Sales capacity: An indispensable skill and it should be noted that the most important thing is not what is being sold but who is selling it.

6. Audacity: To launch any company, a certain degree of courage and daring is necessary.

7. Prudence: One must know how to measure actions, and not make decisions which are too risky.

8. Some psychological capacity: Running a company implies you may have people under you, and of course, contacting external agents for many operations. Possessing good skills in handling people is a vital trait.

9. Common sense: The entrepreneur can never lose sight of things, he must keep his feet on the ground.

But what happens if I lack one of these traits? Can’t I be an entrepreneur? Not at all, but yes, it’s recommended to ally oneself with people who have what you lack. For example, Fernández Aguado talked about how a good alliance is usually one between someone with a sales profile and another with a managerial one, this way audacity and constancy are assured.



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