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Learn How to Maximize Your Potential in 5 Ways


Emotional intelligence, creativity, innovation - All can be learnt - 2

In the first part of this article we wondered if certain skills believed to be innate, like creativity or the capacity to innovate, can be learnt. The resounding answer is, yes.

My experience tells me, of course it is possible to learn and cultivate new skills and capabilities. Likewise we can also strengthen the inborn ones we already have and yet do not use as we should.

A plethora of courses have emerged in the market place designed just for that. These courses fall under the category of personal development programs. Their purpose is to enrich the individual at a personal level, detect 250-351 and strengthen the skills and capacities the individual already possesses and teach new unknown skills so that these can be put into practice afterwards in both the daily and professional lives.

The most important personal growth training cdevolourses for employees would lead to greater productivity, innovation and cooperations, and these include:

-   Courses on increasing creativity: These encourage us to engage our minds in imaginative and resourceful ways to boost individual inventiveness and innovation, as well as develop the capacity to solve problems and come up with ingenious alternatives. All techniques focus on “speeding up” the incredibly vital creative process. Ken Robinson couldn’t have said it better,“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”

Courses on developing emotional intelligence: In recognition of what Daniel Goleman points out, “In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels,” these courses seek to find a balance through managing emotional
A30-327 energy and body language. A rational mind that is aware of the underlying emotions in interpersonal dynamics makes for better communication skills. This boosts individual performance, along with motivation, and effective peer communication. What’s more, emotional intelligence is a very useful competency for resolving workforce conflicts successfully.

-   Courses on controlling anxiety and stress: The key teaching here is that it isn't stress that makes us fall—it's how we respond to stressful events. The focus is on improving the quality of life by identifying stress and the burnout syndrome, and how to cope with this. Relaxation and breathing techniques are applied together with methods for improving interpersonal relations. Psychological well-being and physical health are enhanced this way as is harmony at the workplace.

-    Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) training: Such techniques allow you to see through individual psychological ruses and to break down communication barriers. This leads to improved negotiation skills and sales tactics, and generally enhances our capacity to communicate and close deals effectively.

-    Courses to improve time management: There are so many courses on recovering control over our time to boost productivity. The many benefits are obvious, from increasing our powers of concentration, making the most of our time, through to reducing levels of general stress to ultimately increase our satisfaction with what we do.

The advantages of such training schemes are plenty, both for the individual and companies who offer these courses to their employees. Not only do they help to stimulate creativity, channel emotions intelligently, improve communications skills, optimize time, and increase productivity, but they also contribute to greater quality of life and a healthier work-life balance. Just as Daniel Goleman said, “Any effort to maximize your potential and ability is a good thing.”

Pedro Dávila

Pedro A. Dávila Garrido es matemático y experto en la formación de soluciones de software de gestión de RR.HH. Ha ocupado puestos de consultor especializado en la nómina Española y Portuguesa y las áreas de RR.HH.. y actualmente es el director de formación de las soluciones Meta4, firma especializada en soluciones de software de gestión de RR.HH. Máster ejecutivo en Dirección de empresa en el ICADE y precursor de la aplicación de los valores del deporte en la empresa.

Pedro A. Dávila Garrido is a mathematician and a training expert for HR management software solutions. He has held consultancy positions addressing Spanish and Portuguese payroll management as well as HR management. Currently he is the Training Manager for Meta4 solutions, a company specialized in HRM software solutions. He also holds an Executive Master’s degree in Management from ICADE and pioneered the uptake of sports values within the company.

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