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Let’s Get into the Christmas Spirit, the More the Better


By Susana Mozo ( Global SaaS Client Manager)

We are right on the brink of another Christmas. Another year has slipped by, past our daily chores interspersed by the odd escapade, failed plans, laughs, and why not, the predictable tears. At this point, almost unintentionally and most casually, we stop inevitably to take stock and ponder over the New Year’s resolutions which will suspiciously coincide with 80% of last year’s resolutions.

Nevertheless finishing a good year in the best way possible helps us to be more optimistic and think up more challenging goals. Anyway, the Christmas spirit invoked time and time again is an undisputed catalyst of positive energy, good vibes and invigorating forces that must be exploited throughout all levels of our lives.

Why not at work as well? What’s more, why not at the corporate level? Team-building dynamics are a widely used tool to create synergies and favour positive behaviours. What if these dynamics are imbued in “Peace and Love”, would they lead to better results?

Today most companies reward their employees with festive holiday hampers and company dinners. These activities are a way of capturing part of the joy created and bring it into the corporate world. The problem is that eventually these initiatives become acquired rights; we get used to them and they lose their charm.

If we watch the little ones and how Christmas brings them such joy, clearly the recipe is a mixture of magic, party and reward. Without even thinking twice about it, we can spot right away that what we’re obviously missing is magic

True, magic is hard to create. That euphoria which makes us better people and fills us with joy cannot be bought nor created with money. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that if we want to plant a seed of magic in our organization, we will need to set aside a budget.

Depending on our company’s characteristics and of course those of our employees, we will be able to see what activities can create the ecosystem required for the Christmas spirit to fill us. Plus we would have to evaluate whether we want that experience to last a few months or to spread over the entire year.

For example, if our business is about consultancy work and projects, we can propose the creation of a group of employees who will spend three hours a week of their working time over two months to provide IT infrastructure for a refugee shelter.

Their work will not only be to carry out the mission, but also to share with their colleagues, their experiences, achievements, and how this action improved the life of their fellow men and women.

There is no need for all employees to contribute to these actions, nor should such tasks be imposed, instead the HR department should put them forward so that these reach all employees somehow. In this case, internal communication is absolutely vital for achieving our goal.

Every year at Christmas time, the HR department can propose at the corporate level certain charity actions. It’ll be the employees who, through voting, get to choose what charity they are going to invest in over the next year. Additionally once these projects finish, the people who participated will be awarded some kind of special distinction they can cherish together with the satisfaction of having helped someone.

Such initiatives create companies that are more united by putting aside their own interests for the sake of achieving common good. These companies create employees who are engaged with the company and the community, and who also see how their little bit helps towards building a more just society. Besides they help to make the Christmas spirit linger on within us some more time.

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