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Our 5 favorite articles of the month! – February 2016


Engagement Is a Means, Not an End, by Michael Schrage Harvard Biz in

An executive friend in an organization and industry riven by digital disruption and declining margins confided over lunch how dramatically her new CEO had impressed everyone at a recent executive offsite. “She listened carefully to people’s complaints about all the processes and obstructions they felt got in the way of their doing their jobs,” said my friend, “and instead of pushing back or challenging them, she agreed and said she’d do everything she could to get those obstacles removed….People were amazed and energized.”...

The Psychology of Teams: 9 Lessons on How Happy, Efficient Teams Really Work, by Kevan Lee in Hubspot Blogs

Remember a job you loved? (Hopefully, it's the one you have now!) Remember a job you hoped to leave? When I reflect back on my career journey, I have jobs that fit both categories, and the difference has often been the fit of the team. The happier and hustle-ier the group of coworkers, the more we get done and the more fun we have doing it. Now imagine having a way to get there, no matter where on that spectrum your team sits now. I researched a bit into some of the psychology and underpinnings of the most efficient, most happy team setups. Here's what I've discovered…

How Personality Profiling Can Help You Engage With Disengaged Employees, by Erin Latham in EreMedia

The odds are good that you have at least one disengaged employee at your company. After all, it’s estimated that approximately two-thirds of all U.S. employees aren’t engaged in their current jobs. The tricky part is that disengagement is difficult to detect. You can’t assume your employees are engaged just because they’re checking off tasks. People can perform efficiently without being emotionally invested in their contributions to the organization. And if they’re unhappy, the danger lies in the fact that you don’t know if and when they’re going to leave — putting you in a bind...

Flexible Working Boosts Profits and Productivity, Say Majority of Employers, by Peter Crush in People Management

In one of the largest global workplace surveys of its kind, 83 per cent of respondents said adopting flexible working had resulted in improvements in productivity. Results from the research with 8,000 global employers and employees, conducted by Vodafone, also showed that 61 per cent said it had helped increase company profits.The report, titled ‘Flexible: Friend or Foe?’, found that SMEs in particular had been overwhelmingly convinced about the business benefits of flexible working…

The Five Biggest Differences Between Good Managers And Bad Ones, by Liz Ryan in Forbes

We have to stay human at work. We have to laugh and remember that only one thing powers our efforts, and that one thing is our good energy. If we aren’t feeling it, then you can forget about your forecasts and schedules. They won’t happen unless the team is energized around their goals, and you won’t get your team energized by hounding them and measuring every breath they take and every keystroke they make.

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