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Our 5 favorite articles of the month! – November 2015


Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da, by Erin Meyer in Harvard Business Review

Tim Carr, an American working for a defense company based in the midwestern United States, was about to enter a sensitive bargaining session with a high-level Saudi Arabian customer, but he wasn’t particularly concerned. Carr was an experienced negotiator and was well-trained in basic principles: Separate the people from the problem. Define your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) up front. Focus on interests, not positions. He’d been there, read that, and done the training.

HR in a time of brilliant technologies, by Andrew Spence @AndySpence in

We are indeed living in a time of ‘Brilliant Technologies’. I studied Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence back in the mid ‘90s. The multi-disciplinary researchers dreamt about natural language comprehension and powerful AI computing power.  Fast forward 20 years and they would be delighted to meet ‘Miss Siri and Mr Watson’.  I am passionate about the impact of technology in organisations and have written about the role of automation in a HR Tech Europe blog article, ‘HR Robots: Transformers in Disguise?’ ...

HR transformation and the importance of the little “i", by Richard Hargreaves in HR Grapevine

There is little doubt that HR transformation is big business with many of the leading advisory firms reporting strong demand and healthy pipelines of future work. However, while we support the importance for the HR function to evolve in ensuring it delivers optimum value to the business, we see scope for improvement in the execution of such programmes...

14 Things Phenomenally Successful People Do Differently, by Carl Preston @WhyDontUChange in

What quality do you think differentiates the winners from the losers? Why are some people so successful in reaching their goals while others can’t achieve them? Because of their mindset, beliefs, and habits. Your brain is the first keystone to success. The second is your everyday actions, your daily habits. This list consists of 14 habits and beliefs that characterize phenomenally successful people—14 things that can transform your life as soon as you put them in your arsenal. If you want to become successful, you should get some paper and start taking notes...

Research: Technology Is Only Making Social Skills More Important, by Nicole Torres in Harvard Business Review

Automation anxiety reached new heights in 2013, when Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, researchers at the Oxford Martin School, published a paper estimating that 47% of all U.S. jobs were “at risk” of being computerized over the next two decades. Although the jury is still out about robots stealing jobs, the pace at which AI and deep learning technologies have been advancing isn’t ebbing concerns over a future of disappearing work. As machines increasingly perform complex tasks once thought to be safely reserved for humans, the question has become harder to shrug off: What jobs will be left for people?

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