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Our 5 favorite articles of the month! – October 2015

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Leadership is Learning, by Harold Jarche in his blog

In an era of ubiquitous connectivity, leadership at all levels and all sectors must be about promoting learning. There is no other way to address the many wicked problems facing us. If work is learning and learning is the work, then leadership at work should be all about promoting learning…

Fear is Boring, and Other Tips for Living a Creative Life, by Elizabeth Gilbert in Ideas Ted

Creativity is a tricky word. Consultants peddle it, brands promise it, we all strive for it, often without really knowing quite what “it” really is. Put simply, there’s a lot of snake oil around creativity. But now here’s author Elizabeth Gilbert (TED Talk, Your elusive creative genius) to cut through the guff with her distinctly refreshing take on the topic. For her, we’re all creative souls already, we just need to figure out how to harness inspiration and unleash the creative spirit within. Here, she shares her best pieces of advice for living a meaningfully creative life…

Transition to Transformation: Navigation Change, by Joan Axelrod Siegelwax in Woman of HR

The world is moving at a very fast pace.  What are you doing to keep in step? Every day we hear of corporate mergers, downsizing and restructures. What actions are you taking to rewrite your script to ensure you do not wind up on the cutting room floor? Did you choose to stay home devoting your energy to the betterment of your family and now face a looming empty nest?  What will you do with the next chapter of your life?...

What to Do and Say After a Tough Reorganization, Rebecca Knight in

Surviving a corporate reorg can be tough. There is often a lot of confusion and uncertainty, and if colleagues were laid off, people might also be sad or angry. How can you make the situation easier for yourself and your colleagues? What steps should you take to protect your job? How do you stay positive? And how do you know when it’s time to move on?

How To Be A Respected and Trusted Member of A Remote Team, by Jappreet Sethi in Top HR BLOG

It is a well-known fact that establishing effective collaboration in remote teams requires considerable patience, learning, and experience. Members of the team also have responsibilities and contributions to make in regard to establishing effective virtual collaboration in a remote team. In order to develop deeper relationships with other members in a remote team, consider the following.


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