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Our 5 favorite HR articles of the month! – August 2016



What makes a generation…a generation? by Stefanie Stanislawski M. @sstami8 in

A lot has been said about Millennials in the workplace. Some people still believe this is a hype subject without a real impact on the company’s long term strategy. About 5 years ago I was in my living room with my dad, who’s a Traditionalist [generation born between 1922–1945], and he started telling me how much he was struggling with his new students at Med School, he told me they were not, “what they used to be”. I realized everything that he “disliked about them”, were things that I did regularly – texting all the time, not paying attention, checking my Facebook every hour or so, and just feeling OK about it. Instead of defending what was clearly personal, I just realized that there was a gap between what he though was the “right thing to do” and what I thought “was the right thing to do” and so I started “coaching” my dad on how manage and address this “new generation of students” and the impact was huge. My dad became more approachable and the overall class performance increased significantly…

Grace Under Pressure: 7 Mental Tricks From Michael Phelps and Other Olympic Athletes by Shana Lebowitz @ShanaDLebowitz  in Inc

When you're competing against the best athletes in the world, everyone'sin great shape, having spent years crafting the perfect physique to perform at the top of their game. But physical prowess will only get you so far. Many Olympians will tell you that success is also a product of their mindset and of their ability to not get intimidated by their opponents and crumble under pressure. Everyone uses a different strategy. Business Insider combed through recent interviews with members of Team USA and highlighted the psychological tactics they find most effective. The best part? Anyone can use modified versions of these tricks, whether they're trying to stay calm during a tough meeting or pumping themselves up before giving a presentation. Read on for insight into the minds of legends…

7 Ways to Build Credibility When You're a New Leader by Amanda Zantal-Wiener @Amanda_ZW  in

Not too long ago, my alma mater asked me to give a talk about “what comes next” after business school. I was to address a group of MBA candidates about the discomfort of figuring out what to do with this fabulous new degree, and how to embrace the path to leadership. And in the process of preparing for it, I came across some pretty dismal statistics about the workplace…

Among other fun facts, I learned:

  • Less than half of employees actually trust their senior managers.
  • Only 32% of employees actually feel engaged with their work.
  • 49% of employees would actually recommend working for their employer.

“Jeez,” I thought. “I’m not about to paint the best picture of the future, am I?”...

Why Your Boss Should Thank You For Taking A Vacation, by Rebeca Newton @DrRebeccaNewton  in Forbes

It’s only when I’m actually on vacation that I find myself thinking, “I really believe in vacations!” Sure, I’m excited beforehand, but it’s only when I’m actually there that I realize just how much I needed it and how much better I’ll be when back at work for having taken some time off. Research shows that professional success is not just about time management, it’s also about energy management. Vacations help us in this area – restoring and rejuvenating our energy levels so we can come back to work rested, refreshed and once again put our best foot forward. This is true physically, psychologically and mentally. We need a rest in all these areas. But vacations help us in other ways too and over the long run can play a role in how far we get in our career. Here are five reasons why a vacation can advance your career…

4 Tools to Help You Identify the Skills You Need to Grow  by Dana Rousmaniere in

In today’s highly competitive business environment, we all need to be in constant learning mode. No one can afford to take a vacation from developing new skills, especially as economic and political uncertainty threaten businesses and job stability and make future career prospects unclear. So how do you make sure your skills – or your team members’ skills — are keeping up with the pace of change? How do you identify which skills are most important for you or your team to learn? And how do you determine if you need to make a career change in order to keep learning and stay engaged, or whether there are enough opportunities for growth where you are now? The three assessments below offer some practical guidance on how to begin. There’s also a tool from Heidi Grant Halvorson that will improve the odds of sticking to your development goals once you’ve set them…

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