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Our best HR & Tech posts selection - August 2013


4 Steps For Taking Your Networking To The Next Level, by Heather R. Huhman, Career Realism

While being on the job search is a daunting task for most, it’s important to enjoy the process. After all, having a positive attitude can make a world of difference! But how can you maintain a positive attitude during a long, frustrating job search? Good networking!...

How Tech Companies Can Retain Their Employees, by Dennis Phoenix, The HRIS World

In boom times, holding on to employees is difficult in any industry. For managers of tech companies, retaining their best employees is nearly an impossible task. As business booms managers experience a continuous cycle of employees coming and going. Unless you possess some sort of managerial superhuman qualities, you likely found it nearly impossible to keep your talented employees around for very long...

10 Tips For Choosing A Technology Industry Career, by Raymond Ray, Career Realism

The technology industry is a vibrant marketplace of jobs and opportunities with a range of option to those entering college and looking to pursue a career in this field. Here are 10 useful tips for choosing a technology industry career...

How MOOCs Will Revolutionize Corporate Learning And Development, by Jeanne Meister, Forbes

Before Intel giant McAfee revamped its new-hire orientation, it was over 80 hours long and consisted of roughly 40 hours of pre-work, 5 days of on-site training, and a “robust” syllabus of post-work, meant to be completed at home. But as McAfee’s Senior Director of learning Lori Aberle says, “Once they leave the instructor-led class, that’s it, they’re done. Let’s face it, you will never get them back again!”...  

7 Powerful Words of Advice for Entrepreneurs, by Stephanie Meyers, Inc.

If you had to distill your best business advice for new entrepreneurs into just seven words, what would they be? We asked Inc. readers this question, and you rose to the challenge, offering up wisdom on hustling, patience, leadership, and more. Here's some of the amazing--and amazingly concise--advice you gave us...

The global talent challenge, by Ritu Mehrotra, The global talent challenge

Globalisation has paved the way for a plethora of opportunities as well as challenges for corporations. With the business world on a roller coaster ride, there is a tremendous transformation in the way companies have started sourcing their talent globally. Goods, capital, knowledge, technology and trade are more globally connected than they have been ever before. This connection has only increased the challenges faced by the companies in sourcing talent. The only challenge which always manages to get the utmost attention of hiring managers is building a strong talent pool and then sustaining the same. However, finding the right kind of talent has become the unattainable objective for MNCs...

Selection by Carolina Reynoso

Editorial HR

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