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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection - February 2013


Big Data and Privacy laws raise Big Questions, from Aspectus PR

Extract: Big Data is everywhere. According to IBM, 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, equivalent to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. Across almost every sector, Big Data is transforming the way organisations operate, and many are starting to unlock its value and have even come to rely on it.


Why is Predictive Analytics Important in Human Resources?, by MonsterThinking

Extract: Everyone in HR should be asking themselves how  they can create some value from the Big Data that they have now, so they can seize the opportunity to really compete and win with analytics, says Jean-Paul Isson, Monster Worldwide’s global vice president of business intelligence and predictive analytics, in this Monster Video.


4 Big Tips For LinkedIn Endorsements And Skills, by Kristin Johnson, Career Realism

LinkedIn gives you 50 skills. I recommend choosing the maximum number of entries, listing the terms you want to be found for. This gives you control over what is listed on your page and what you are more likely to be endorsed for.


From Inside Out, Speed Your Company's Social Transformation, by Kare Anderson, Forbes

“If HP only knew what HP knows,” former HP executive Lew Platt once famously said. Now that enterprise social software can spur company-wide, transparent sharing and collaboration, there’s no excuse. In fact, providing employees with easy and obvious ways to learn faster together and from each other is proving to be one of the most successful approaches for companies to stay competitive and spur employee esprit de corps.


Can Recruiting be Completely Mobile?  , by Christopher Young, Recruiting Blogs

Do you remember driving without a cell phone back in the day?  What were we thinking?  What did we do if we were the unfortunate recipients of a flat tire on the highway at 11PM?

We survived.  We walked.  We stuck our thumbs high in the air (not recommended).  That’s what we did back then.  These days, our mobile devices are pretty much our everything and they can do just about everything.


How to Create an International Treaty for International Technology, by Seth Baum, Institute for Emerging Ethics and Technologies 

Emerging technologies like bioengineering, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and geoengineering have great promise for humanity, but they also come with great peril. They could revolutionize everything from pollution control to human health—imagine a bioengineered microbe that converts CO2 into automobile-worthy liquid fuels, or nanotechnologies that target cancer cells.


Selection by Holger Falk, Florian Jouanel and Carolina Reynoso



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