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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection - June 2013


Is it a business strategy or a talent strategy?, by Steve Boese, HR Technology

Last year when the annual 'Culture Eats Strategy' discussion flared up, (Reminder: You are supposed to repeat the phrase 'Culture eats Strategy' for variously breakfast/lunch/dinner/the 3:00AM run to Taco Bell over and over again, even if you don't actually know what it means and have no real way of proving it), I offered a slightly alternative take - that 'Talent', or better and less jargony, 'People' might trump both Cullture and Strategy…

How To Pick LinkedIn Skills That Get The Attention Of Employers, by Joshua Waldman, Career Realism

Most people let their network determine what Skills appear on their LinkedIn profile. Sure, you might pick the first 10 or so before getting bored. Then, pretty soon, you start getting endorsed for things you’ve never even heard of.

The trouble is that many of these skills aren’t searched very much by employers or they are way too crowded for you to get noticed for…


We Need the Young to Help Eliminate Age Discrimination in the Workplace, by Paul Freiberger, TLNT

Discrimination has been with us for a long, long time, based on one characteristic or another that allows one group to identify another as less worthy, less intelligent, less skilled and on and on regardless of the time and place.

Whether it’s based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender or one of a hundred other variables, we’ve always found ways to stereotype our fellow humans...


Virtual Tech Alters 21st Century Corporate Learning, by Eric Vidal, TrainingMag

Technology has altered the reality of today’s learners. The evidence is all around us. Employees (students), both young and old, constantly have their noses buried in large and small screens, often at the same time…

How to Conduct an Effective Performance Review, by Erica L. Fener, Ph.D., Your HR Buddy!!

Conducting performance reviews is dreaded by most managers. These meetings often involve uncomfortable conversations with staff and are frequently interpreted as disciplinary rather than helpful feedback. However, these reviews are a critical way to direct and guide employees toward desired behaviors and performance...


Four Tips to Reduce Turnover – Quickly, by  Susan M. Heathfield, / HR

Turnover is the number or percentage of employees who voluntarily or involuntarily leave your employment in comparison with the number or percentage of employees who stay in your employment over a certain period of time, generally a calendar year. Your turnover ratio is a useful measurement, a finger on the pulse ofemployee satisfaction within your organization…


6 Ways Successful People Stretch Their Comfort Zones, by Marla Tabaca, Ink.

Everyone has a so-called "comfort zone." You know what I'm talking about: that mental space you live in where there are boundaries and you feel a sense of emotional security with your work and your decision making.

What distinguishes successful people from everyone else is what they do with their comfort zone. There are those who are perfectly happy staying warm and cozy in this safe box they've built; and then are those who constantly push and test the limits...


The 7 Keys to Mastering the 360-Degree Performance Review, by Laura Stack, TLNT

We’ve all undergone job performance reviews.

Ideally, you experience them at least once a year — hopefully more often if your organization keeps a tighter rein on strategic alignment. As a manager, you’ve probably conducted any number of them on your own employees.

Until a few years ago, such evaluations went in one direction only: downward. All criticisms, praise, and suggestions came from leadership to team members…


Selection by Carolina Reynoso 

Editorial HR

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