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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection - June 2014


Employee engagement hyperbole, by Rick in Flip Chart Fairy Tales

It’s been a while since I wrote about employee engagement but recent posts from Gemma and Mervyn prompted me to have another go. When I looked, I remembered why I have avoided it for so long. It’s very hard to find any information about employee engagement that isn’t written by people trying to sell you stuff about employee engagement…

4 Ways to Find Purpose in Any Job, by Steve Errey in The Muse

If I read one more article about "finding your passion" or "discovering your purpose" I'm going to scream. Then shake someone. Yell at them a bit. Then eat ice cream to soothe my jangled nerves. You know the articles I'm talking about. Go-getting, chest-bumping, happy-clappy, tree-hugging, super-trite advice that might give you the warm fuzzies, but that nobody has ever gainfully applied.


What Happens When a Workplace Culture Is Built on Lies? , by Crystal Spraggins in in TLNT

A friend and I were talking the other day about unethical business practices and why companies get away with them, even when the bad behavior is an open secret among staff, community partners, and Board members. Well, it’s really not that hard to imagine why — those who would be inclined to speak up are fearful of losing their jobs, many others just don’t care, and still others are only too happy to play along, as they benefit from the questionable deeds. It’s pretty simple, actually.

Start With a Theory, Not A Strategy, by Todd Zenger in HBR Blog Network

 Well-crafted strategies are road maps to places that yield competitive advantage and generate value for the firm. But once you’ve arrived, they don’t take you anyplace else. That’s a problem for companies under continual pressure from investors to find new sources of competitive advantage. I recently had lunch with the CEO of a large privately held corporation that illustrated this dilemma. After two decades of strong growth, he recognized that that his strategy had run its course. In the minds of his investors, his success was baked into his company’s current value and they wanted to know where he was going to find more.

How To Motivate An Underperforming Employee, by Will Yakowicz in

It's your job to motivate the troops, but what about the stragglers? Many leaders believe we're all adults, so if some employees aren't keeping up, ultimately you must fire them. Before the problem gets to that point though, are you putting in the right effort to get your weaker employees up to par? Amy Gallo, a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review, interviewed experts on how to correctly motivate those underperformers. Check out her suggestions below.

5 Things To Consider Before You Take That Management Job, by CareerBliss in Careerealism

At first glance, accepting a management job can seem like a no-brainer – you have the inside track on what’s going on at the office, you get to delegate tasks and, hopefully, your paycheck gets fatter. But before taking over that corner office, ponder these five questions about other matters that go along with assuming a higher title. Do You Want That Much Responsibility? Leaders may get much of the glory for success, but they also get much of the blame for failure. Are you prepared to handle the stress of budgets and deadlines, to scramble to make things right when one of your charges shows up late or makes a mistake, and to be the one who must find a way to appease a fussy client or an impatient higher-up?

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