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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection – June 2015


Pay, Gender & Behavioural Science, by Nicole Dominique Le Maire in

The field of behavioural science has been studying how humans and animals process rewards for decades, so it is not surprising that organisations are turning to scientists to help them decide the best reward strategy to optimise productivity.

HR and HR Tech in Europe – What difference does one year make?, by Saida Ayupova in HR Tech World Blog

At the beginning of this year we released the results of a joint study by Fosway Group (former Elearnity) and HRN Europe on the critical realities for HR and HR technology. Here are some of the most interesting findings

HR Roundtable: What Will HR Look Like In 2020?, by Steve Browne in TLNT

Looking into the future is rarely accurate, but it is a chance to step away from the trenches and look ahead to see what we’d like things to become. The attendees gathered to discuss a very forward-looking topic – What will HR look like in 2020?

6 Internal Sources Of Strength For Leaders To Develop, by Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly in

We leaders tend to focus on developing external resources. How can we make the best use of our team’s time, budget, and expertise? Yes, these are important considerations, and leaders who ignore them won’t be leading for long. But too often, leaders focus so much on external factors that they neglect (or completely ignore) their internal resources: their attitudes, perspectives, motivation, and beliefs that make up their true selves.

Employee relations – Key to HR Success!, by Ian Clive in his blog

I am proud to be an EMPLOYEE RELATIONS professional – the key to trust, working together effectively and achieving mutually beneficial results!
I have had various impressive HR titles and been associated with more high fallutin aspects of Human Resources, but the magic ingredient, I believe, that holds everything together, is Employee Relations.

You Don’t Need a Promotion to Grow at Work, by Jordan Stark and Katie Smith Milway in Harvard Business Review

As organizations run leaner and flatter, your ability to move up can stall much earlier in your career because, simply put, there’s no place to go. This is true whether you work for a corporation, nonprofit, or public agency. So what should you do when you reach that plateau and you’re only midway through your career? First, take stock. Do you enjoy and learn from your colleagues? Are you still energized by the mission of the organization? If the answer is no, it may be time to move on. But if the answer is yes, consider ways to grow on the plateau.

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