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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection - March 2015


The Future of Predictive Analytics — the Next Generation of Talent Metrics to Consider (Part 2 of 2)  by John Sullivan in

In last week’s part one of this article that was published on March 9, 2015, I highlighted the fact that the majority of current predictive metric efforts have focused on only a handful of basic metrics. I next provided a list of the top 18 metrics that should be developed during the second-generation of predictive metrics. This final part one covers the future predictive metrics that should be developed during the third generation.

The Six Steps To Build A Remarkable Workplace, by Mandy Johnson in Talent

According to a 2013 CEO Institute survey, the number one issue keeping chief executives awake at night was “sourcing and retaining skilled staff.” Yet when PricewaterhouseCoopers asked 1,300 global CEOs about their operational priorities that same year, talent strategies didn’t make the top five. So while CEOs claimed to be suffering from insomnia, it seemed they were doing very little to create remarkable workplaces to alleviate the problem…

7 Uncommon Ways to be a Positive Influence on You and Your Team by People Discovery

Being a positive influence is a must when leading teams. The psychology of leadership simply fascinates me, and no more so than when leaders have a positive influence on their team.   You may not class yourself as a leader, but you are a leader, whether you’re leading a team, a family or even yourself.  In your role, as a leader, the energy you emit is vital, and cannot fail to affect yourself and others…

This Is the Year to Simplify the Workplace  by Josh Bersin, Deloitte

When you read an article in the NY Times Business Section about how the CEO of one of the country's largest healthcare providers is encouraging employees to take yoga and meditation classes, you know that there's something changing in the corporate lexicon…

Eradicating Your Limiting Beliefs  by Bill Carmody in

Eradicating your limiting beliefs is not just about seeing how those limiting beliefs have impacted your life up to now and are likely to continue to influence your future decisions. You need to experience enough emotional pain to want to remove those limiting beliefs and see the truth.

The Digital Imperative by by Ralf Dreischmeier, Karalee Close, and Philippe Trichet in BCG Perspectives

As entire industries are disrupted by bold digital entrants and business models, more and more companies are at risk of extinction. Music, retailing, media, and travel are far along on this path, but we are also seeing similar patterns in more traditional industries, such as banking, agriculture, energy, health care, industrial goods, and manufacturing…

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