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Our Best HR & Tech Selection - March 2014

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Why Companies Fail To Engage Today's Workforce: The Overwhelmed Employee, by Josh Bersin, Forbes

We just completed a major study of human capital trends around the world (Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, 2,500 organizations in 90 countries) and the message is clear:  companies are struggling to engage our modern, 21st century workforce. This is a worldwide issue. Gallup research shows that only 13% of employees around the world are actively engaged at work, and more than twice that number are so disengaged they are likely to spread negativity to others...

9 Things Successful People Do When Working From Home, by Bill Murphy JR.,

I wrote the first draft of this column before 8 a.m. on a Sunday, working in my pajamas at the standing desk in my home office. A new study says I have good company in that kind of work flexibility, and not just among entrepreneurs and those who work for themselves. Nearly one-third of full-time employees do most of their work in homes, coffee shops, and other remote places, according to the Flex+Strategy Group report…

How Must HR Adapt to Changing Times?, by Ian Welsh,

A great many changes are taking place in business and society in general.  Many people express concerns about the role of HR in the future.  With the advances of technology and moving towards robotics there are likely to be less employees and particularly less managers and supervisors as much of their past role will be eliminated.  It will vary greatly, of course, depending on the size and type of organization, but it will be a lot different.  We, in Human Resources, can go with the flow and see where that leads us or we can try to reposition HR now so we are ready and adaptable to business needs as they change.  Some key considerations are...

Dear HR Professionals: Not All Employees Are Equal, by Linda Brenner, TLNT

In the last two years, McKinsey, Corporate Executive Board, PwC and others have concluded that HR still has “far to go” until it reaches the status of a true business enabler. While the tone of these studies might be different and the “pile on” mentality seems new, what’s not new are many of the conclusions: the global environment is complex, talent is hard to find, employees need to be re-engaged, HR metrics are underutilized, and so on.

10 Wrong Ways Your Company Is Measuring Productivity, by Craig Jarrow, Time Management Ninja

Does your company know who gets the work done? I mean, really does the work. Not talks about it. Brags about it. Or in some cases, even lies about it. I am talking about actually delivering tangible results. How does your company measure productivity?...

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