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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection - May 2014


It's Time to Redesign HR, by John Bersin in

People love to write insulting articles about Human Resources. The most famous was "Why We Hate HR" from FastCompany in 2005. A recent one here in LinkedIn comes from Bernard Marr, who dislikes the title of the department and then talks about why we need "people analytics." An article in the Wall Street Journal recently highlighted companies that have chosen to do away with the function entirely...

A Social Brain Is a Smarter Brain, by Andy Zynga in Hardvard Business Review

It is well established that brain games and puzzles act as calisthenics for our brains, expanding their capacity and improving their overall health. More surprising are the findings of a study led by researchers at the University of Michigan. It shows that just as effective in building cognitive strength are social interactions...

3 Personal Lessons On How To Succeed At Leadership, by Tanveer Naseer in his blog

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had the distinct honour of being recognized by two organizations for my work in the field of leadership. The first came from Inc. Magazine which recognized me as one of the Top 100 Leadership and Management Experts, putting me alongside such leadership heavyweights as Sir Richard Branson, Vineet Nayar, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Peter F. Drucker, and placing one spot below Bill Gates.

Succession Planning: A Crucial Ingredient For Long-Term Success, by Laura Stack  in

One aspect of leadership that’s often overlooked is succession planning — the process of providing for future leadership in an organization. Few of us bother to think about what will happen after we’ve exited the scene, and frankly, many leaders don’t care. But succession planning is crucial to any organization’s long-term success...

5 Things Managers should know about the Big Data Economy, by Greg Satell in

 At the beginning of the 20th century, most people lived as if it were the middle ages.  Almost half of the US population was employed in agriculture.  Life expectancy was less than 50 years. Indoor plumbing was rare, as was telephone use. There were very few cars and no airplanes...

How Real is Your Organization?, by Joe Gerstandt in

Your workforce is likely your biggest investment. One of the most valuable aspects of your workforce is the unique combination of knowledge, experience, ideas, information and perspective that each employee carries around in their head. Much of it is wasted.

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