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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection – November 2014


Employee Engagement Is All About Recruiting, by  Steve Levy in

My thesis is that most have no idea what is meant by employee engagement:

That employee engagement isn’t something that company leaders can inspire just by being leaders.

That engagement is not an HR initiative that can be turned into talking points at a SHRM conference. Or an article on Forbes.

Great players win early, by Steve Boese in his blog.

I remain convinced that everything, everything (pretty much) you need to know about HR/Talent Management/The Workplace you can learn from watching the NBA. I even said as much a few weeks back. The dynamics of NBA basketball exhibit remarkable similarities to many of the most common workplace situations: Relatively small working teams, (even in large organizations, most work gets done in much smaller groups), a need for the team to function cohesively, and, importantly, plenty of opportunity (and need for), individual expressions of creativity and high performance.

Why Chief Human Resources Officers Make Great CEOs, in Harvard Business Review

For decades the corporate HR department was seen as a back-office function, a cost center focused on mundane administrative tasks such as managing compensation and benefits plans. But over the past 15 years Ellie Filler has noticed a dramatic change. Filler, a senior client partner in the Swiss office of the executive recruiting firm Korn Ferry, specializes in placing chief human resources officers (CHROs) with global companies. For years many of the HR chiefs she recruited reported to the COO or the CFO and complained that they lacked real influence in the C-suite. Today, she says, they often report directly to the CEO, serve as the CEO’s key adviser, and make frequent presentations to the board...

Game Mechanics in Gamification – Revisited by Andrzej Marczewski in his blog

Many moons ago I wrote about a massive misunderstanding in gamification around game mechanics and what they actually are. There were several lists around that said they were key game mechanics, which turned out to be very little to do with actual mechanics. Fast forward almost 2 years and, well it is getting better, but there is still a lot of people getting it confused. That is easily done as even in game design circles there is an argument over what they truly are, but there is a general high level agreement at least.

The Future Workplace Embraces Freelancers by Karen O'Leonard, Bersin by Deloitte blog.

UCLA’s annual HR Roundtable Retreat featured an interesting discussion of future workforce trends. Led by Marina Gorbis of the Institute of the Future, part of the discussion focused on the growth of “microworkers,” individuals who freelance a variety of projects or jobs for different employers. Although freelancers are nothing new to the workplace, numerous online platforms such as oDesk, Elance, and are making it easier for these individuals to find work, so that the freelance movement appears to be growing. According to Forbes, an estimated one in three Americans (roughly 42 million workers) are freelancers. That number is expected to grow to 50 percent of the workforce by 2020.

How to become more resilient to stress, stay calm and focused, by Marion Bauregard in HR Review Stress is the normal physiological response of our body when feeling threatened or in danger. Whether facing real or imagined danger, our body instantly enters the fight or flight mode. This reaction to stress exists to protect us. In emergency situations, this reaction can save our life by providing the additional strength and energy required to defend ourselves.

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