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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection - October 2014


What to Do After a Bad Performance Review, by Carolyn O'Hara in HBR Blog Network

It can be hard to recover from a less-than-stellar performance review, especially one that you didn’t see coming. You might feel angry, embarrassed, and confused. How do you regain your professional confidence? And how do you make the best use of the critical feedback?...

3 Ways Responsive Leaders Learn to Lead Themselves by Patrick Hanlon in

It’s easy to lead others. But when today’s business climate includes untimely squalls and unpredictable tsunamis, it’s difficult to know how to lead yourself.

While many leaders rely on proven past methods (often learned in B-school), others are taking new approaches that help them transcend what they already know. These fresh methods help them handle the day-to-day, while becoming responsive to other things that matter...

Sink Or Swim: A Tidal Wave Of Tech Is Shaping HR, by Meghan M. Biro in Forbes

I’ll be in Vegas this week gathering with business leaders from around the globe at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition.  This is one of my favorite conferences and I’m honored to be back in the fold.  We’ll be celebrating the latest topics and trends in HR. Here’s a preview some of the top 5 trends that everyone will be buzzing about...

 What Makes A Workplace Human? Liz Ryan in Forbes

Human Workplace leaders never speak to their employees, verbally or in writing, as though they are children or potential miscreants a la “It shall not be permissible to….” When they write and speak, they sound like fallible human beings. There isn’t any corporatespeak zombie language in a Human Workplace. There isn’t any need for it, in the employee handbook or anywhere else...

Credibility Is the Foundation Of Leadership by Tanveer Naseer in his blog

For the third part of this month-long series celebrating the release of my first leadership book (which will be available in bookstores and through online retailers), “Leadership Vertigo”, I’m delighted and honoured to welcome James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, authors of the international best-seller and groundbreaking leadership book, “The Leadership Challenge”, to my blog. In this special guest piece, Jim and Barry discuss the 3rd leadership principle from the book, “Earn Credibility”, by sharing findings from several of their studies as to why credibility is so critical to our ability to effectively lead our employees and organization...

Weekly Wrap: Study Finds That Flex Work is Finally Going Mainstream by John Hollon in

Here’s something you probably knew was coming, but now you have the data to back that feeling up. This week, SHRM released a survey that shows that flexible work arrangements have not only gone mainstream, but seem to be both successful and growing…

5 Tips For New Team Leaders by Jeanne DeWitt in HBR Blog Network

I’ve been a new manager five times in my career: once as a first-time manager at Google going from being a teammate to leading peers, three times as I was promoted within Google, and most recently as the new Chief Revenue Officer for UberConference, a teleconferencing startup in San Francisco. What I’ve found is that success out of the gate is normally tied to being truly open to learning, communicating openly and honestly, and ultimately being prepared to take action when you know where the team needs to head...

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