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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection - September 2013


Forget Foreign Languages and Music. Teach Our Kids to Code by Brendan I. Koerner, Wired

J. Paul Gibson began to teach programming classes for teens out of frustration. A computer scientist at the National University of Ireland, he had by 1998 become shocked at the ineptness of his students. “I was seeing 18- and 19-year-olds having trouble with basic programming concepts that I myself had learned when I was 12,” recalls Gibson, who taught himself to code on a Sinclair ZX81...

Fix the Top 5 Online Job Search Frustrations for Applicants, by  Rick Moore,

Brilliant people and companies simplify; others complicate. The evidence of this principle is all around us.  Ebay simplified the garage sale; Google distills the enormity of the Internet in seconds; and Apple has engineered the “smart” in phones so that all of its customers don’t have to be...

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Digital Teams, by Perry Hewitt, Harvard Business Review

As digital becomes part of every line of business, effective marshaling of digital capabilities is a critical competency. Management is often maligned (sometimes for good reason!), but strong management is an important differentiator in both digital delivery and in aligning that delivery to strategic goals.

The Mobile Secret to Recruiting Passive Job Seekers, by Tal Moran, TLNT

You want to hear a secret? Many employed people are spending a significant portion of each day at work researching additional job opportunities. A recent Adler Group study revealed that 83 percent of LinkedIn users out of 225 million registered users are passive job seekers. With a proven track record, on the one hand, and an eye for opportunity, on the other, passive job seekers are highly sought after by recruiters...

8 Interview Tips You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Before, by  Alison Green, Money Careers

When you're looking for a job, sometimes it seems that everyone wants to tell you the same basic things – write a great cover letter, tailor your résumé to the job, reach out to your network, all repeated over and over.Instead of the same old advice, here are eight tips that you might not have heard before. (Unless you have wise friends or know a lot of hiring managers, in which case we can't make any promises.)...

Nadal Is Strong Enough to Cry. Are You?, by Peter Bregman, Harvard Business Review

Rafael Nadal, who just won the U.S. Open for the second time, is my hero. His athleticism is extraordinary. His focus is awe-inspiring. His skill is, clearly, second to none. His will is unremitting. It’s a joy to watch him in competition. Yet those are not the reasons he’s my hero. In fact, it wasn’t until after he was finished playing in this year’s final that he rose to role model in my book...

8 Steps To Build Relationships After A Networking Event, by Deborah Shane, Career Realism

We spend considerable time networking in person because we know it’s still the most important way to build relationships with colleagues, peers and potential new customers. We pick the events we want to go to and we prepare. For bigger conferences, we spend even more time preparing for the sessions and events we want to attend, people we want to meet and build in time for random hook ups...

Selection by Carolina Reynoso

Featured picture by Renato Ganoza

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