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Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection - September 2014


Map Out Cultural Conflicts on Your Team, by Erin Meyer in Hardvard Business Review.

When you’re on a global team, cultural differences can be complex and can often seem contradictory. The biggest challenge comes when differences are complex in surprising ways.
Here’s a letter I received from an executive at automotive supplier Valeo, a French company with big client bases in Germany and Japan, and a growing presence in China.

5 Employees You Should Give a Raise to Immediately, by Drew Hendricks in

Paying out more funds can be tough for anyone--especially if you're an entrepreneur or owner of a small-business or startup making your way post-Recession. However, you have to remember that you're only as strong as your best employees and rewarding their efforts, loyalty, and talents is crucial. Otherwise, you might get a surprise two-week notice.

How to be a Champion of Change!, by Ian Clive in his blog

Change is not simple. I had an idea to move my favourite living room chair closer to the window. I imagined sitting there, relaxing, and at the same time, watching what was happening on the street. I would be able to not only hear, but also see some of the latest construction, see cars being ticketed, and see leaf blowers and other noisy stuff being deployed to make our neighbourhood beautiful, while we all became a little deafer.

Four Ways To Spur Shared Learning And Performance At Work, by Karen Anderson in Forbes.

Become an opportunity maker who enables others to use best talents together, more often, and you will become increasingly sought-after. Here are four proven methods to adapt to your situation.

Generation Alpha Is Coming And It Will Change The World Forever, by Christina Sterbenz in Bussines Insider.

You've heard all about Millennials or Generation Y, the tech-savvy youngsters who were born in the 1980s and came of age around the turn of the millenium.

And retail strategists are already paying attention to Generation Z, the post-1990s generation that doesn't remember a world before the tech boom.

But what comes after Z? Clearly someone didn't think this through, but now an answer is emerging.

The 3 Things Leaders Must Do To Build Meaningful Communities, by Douglas R. Conant and Tanveer Naseer in Tanveer Naseer’s blog

Last week, I shared the news of a special, month-long leadership series here on my blog to celebrate the release of my first leadership book, “Leadership Vertigo” (...)

To kick-start this special celebratory leadership series, I’m delighted and honoured to welcome Doug Conant, Chairman of Avon Products and retired CEO and President of the Campbell Soup Company. In this special guest piece written for this celebratory leadership series, Doug shares his insights and experiences with the 1st leadership principle discussed in the book, “Build Community” and how it can help leaders to ensure they are helping their employees to succeed and grow.

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