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Our favorite articles of the month - January 2016


Using Technology to Drive Diversity in Your Business, by Meghan M. Biro in The Huffington Post

Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, a socially diverse team is just good business sense. It isn't just because your organization should reflect our increasingly diverse society -- research shows collaborating with people of different race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, economic status, and life experience encourages creative thinking and drives business growth…

My Top 10 Leadership Insights For 2015, by Tanveer Naseer in his blog

In my penultimate article from 2015, I made the point that in answering the question “where do we go from here?”, we have to look back on the journey we’ve taken and what lessons and insights we’ve learned that can help us as we move forward. So for my first piece for 2016, I thought it would be a wonderful way to illustrate this idea by doing just that – of looking back at the past 52 weeks of leadership articles and leadership podcast episodes shared here on my award-winning leadership blog in order to discover what were my Top 10 leadership insights that garnered the most interest among my readers…

Reduce Passive-Aggressive Behavior on Your Team, by Liane Davey in

The majority of teams I work with have a conflict problem: They have too little conflict. They seldom express dissent, diversity of opinion, or frustration. Instead, they act passive-aggressively toward one another, leaving themselves in a quagmire of unresolved issues. As a team leader, you need to foster productive conflict to limit the damage done by this behavior…

What Kind of Thinker Are You?, by Mark Bonchek and Elisa Steele in

We all aspire to work better together. Technology is making some of that effort easier. But digital tools are only part of the answer. It’s people who ultimately make the difference. The problem is that technologies for collaboration are improving faster than people’s ability to learn to use them. What can be done to close that gap? A year ago we set out to find the answer, drawing on the collective experience of dozens of collaborative communities and learning organizations. Here’s what we found…

The Single Best Activity for Building a Great Team, by Christina Lattimer in

It was easy in the early days. You were clear about your vision and you knew what you wanted. Your small team were close, they reported to you and on a daily basis you were able to rouse their enthusiasm and energy so you were confident things were moving on, and fast. With success comes challenges. As the team grows, lines of responsibility widen and you have to rely on others to enthuse and engage your team on a day to day basis.  Competing ideas and different styles of working can introduce a level of frustrating complexity which slows down the process of getting things done…

Social media: an unrealized opportunity, by Harold Jarche In his blog

I would rather say that social media can be a trap, but are not by their nature an inevitable one. Social media don’t teach us anything. We have to teach ourselves how to use social media. For the first time in history, 3 billion people are connected to each other. Is this a trap or an unrealized opportunity? The gap between social media and our real work can be a deep moat. We entertain ourselves with social media during our free time while many of our workplaces block access to consumer social media sites. Connecting social media to our daily lives can be enriching, if we have the skills and tools to filter, create and discern how to share what is appropriate. Using social media to open our horizons takes effort and practice…

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