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Reaching out to Talent through the Cloud


What will be the best keys for capturing and retaining talent? If we had the universal answer to this question, work in HR departments would speed up in a dizzying manner. No one possesses a solution that adapts to all areas and sectors, but there are guidelines that can help steer us on the right path. In the HR field, it is clear that currently one of the big challenges and a headache for many companies is the ability to retain talent leading to huge savings for the company as well as success.

Attracting talent entails a huge effort that often goes nowhere if we do not take care to retain those hires with high potential. Organizations must work hard to reinforce employee engagement to reduce brain drain as much as possible. Workforce turnover today is one of the greatest business challenges for reducing the costs derived from the recruitment, training and development processes.

The success or failure of a company depends to a large extent on its human capital. There are no better brand ambassadors than employees themselves when they enjoy a suitable working environment and also when they are able to perform their daily work, proud to belong to the company. Through their daily work, often they know customers’ needs more in depth than the managers themselves. Such knowledge brings value to the job that is not quantified economically. This is yet another reason that demonstrates the need to not let our most valuable professionals escape.

The competition for talent is increasing and forces companies to come up with creative initiatives that contribute to talent attraction and retention. One of the great trump cards of businesses today is technology. If we look for a common thread among successful companies, innovation is always one of the key elements. Environments set up with innovative technology solutions bring increased productivity and motivation in organizations. In the HR field, we know that using Cloud Computing has become a key ally for optimizing people management. Although it might seem that we are in an early stage of existence of "the cloud" is no doubt that this mode is a real and essential for any business revolution. Although it might seem that we are in an early stage of the existence of "the cloud", there is no doubt that this mode is already a real and essential revolution for any business.

To address the need for adaptation which is crucial for any HR department today, it is essential that companies choose to use flexible and configurable platforms in order to ensure sustainability and long term improvements without unnecessary financing.

The key is to have the ability for fast response and personalization of new requirements that both future and current employees will demand their companies for their career development. If we are able to satisfy these needs, we will be able to take an important step to ensure a healthy capacity for talent capture and retention.

We can adopt a reactive attitude to this required technological adaptation which many companies have already started to miss out on, or alternatively, we can anticipate change and lead our companies onto the path of success with the help of technology.

Indeed the initial outlay required is perceived by many companies as an expense which is put off to another time, but technology is an investment for the growth of any organization that brings about excellent results, retention of human capital and attracts new talent who add value. In short, although we can view this as an option, in a future not so far off it will become a compulsory factor. It will make the difference between success and failure; companies that adapt to change will have a significant advantage over their competitors.

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Maria José Fraile

María José Fraile es Directora Corporativa de RR.HH. en Meta4 y cuenta con una amplia experiencia dentro del ámbito de la Gestión de Personas, adaptando la función a las diferentes etapas de desarrollo de una empresa: hiper-crecimiento, fusiones y adquisiciones, reestructuraciones, gestion de crisis, etc. Además ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar directamente en la línea de producto, apoyando el diseño de aplicaciones de software, consultoría y pre-venta de soluciones para la gestión de RR.HH. y Gestión del Conocimiento.

María José Fraile is the Meta4 Corporate HR Director with extensive experience in the people management field, adjusting the HR function to the different developmental stages of a company: hyper-growth, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, crisis management, among others. She has also had the opportunity to work directly in the product line, supporting software application design, consulting and pre-sales solutions for HR management and knowledge management.

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