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Search for Entrepreneurial Talent

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Owing to the advances in technology we can witness today, it is becoming more and more common to find entrepreneurs who base their business model in a digital environment.

Curiosity, creativity, innovation and the ability to spot and develop opportunities in short time frames are some of the main characteristics of digital entrepreneurs today.

There are other types of entrepreneurs who do not necessarily create their own business, instead they are part of a company's talent. These internal entrepreneurs have the required skills to implement innovative projects within the organization, always looking for solutions based on reality that provide tangible value and solve specific problems.

Such entrepreneurial talent within organizations has the distinctive characteristics of a digital entrepreneur; they are employees capable of taking your organization down the path of change and creativity. In today’s world, these are the most sought after and valued profiles, making it important for HR departments to have them onboard.

Besides being profiles that offer solutions rather than ideas, digital entrepreneurs abide by transparent communication models. They know that today it is necessary to have open communication models, as well as social networks; their business models are viral, communicative and transparent. Thus, HR and internal entrepreneurs must follow these modes of action and develop a social communication strategy based on new technologies and trends such as social networks for employees, employer branding, among others.

Technology boosts the capacity for analysis, and digital entrepreneurs take advantage of it to constantly measure the impact of their actions, to learn from them and improve them. This analytical skill can be thus used for talent management, within companies, to gather information that enables decision-making on issues such as attracting and retaining human capital, development plans, engagement management, etc.

Nowadays HR managers must know what happens every day in the organization and be able to respond in an agile and innovative way. Therefore, HR departments are recommended to give greater importance to searching for entrepreneurial talent, as their contributions to, and ideas for all the company’s departments, and most of all for HR, enable giant steps forward to be at the vanguard of the business world.

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