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Talent Management Today: 12 Talent Trends And 7 Implication For HCM (Part II)

In our previous article we discussed the importance of good talent management today in times when it is difficult to retain and reward employees for their loyalty. Even to this day, many companies still don’t have the technology that lets them to keep abreast of global changes in this context, nor do they have visibility over their talent. They don’t measure this precisely either; their definitions for top performers and stars are based on subjective impressions. In these circumstances it is vital to have technology support that allows HR professionals to advance towards proper talent management.

Technology gives Visibility

Simple processes, involvement of executives, managers and employees, visibility of key metrics, reporting….all of these point to the importance of HR technology in supporting those organisations who choose to take up the talent management challenge.

I’ve identified seven key features that I think are essential for any talent management technology in today’s marketplace:

1. Integrated

To gather relevant information across all aspects of an employee’s history, solutions need to easily integrate various modules, and workflow between various actors.

2. Real Time

Making fast decisions relies on accurate real-time information availability.  Self Service tools and cloud solutions provide access to all users anywhere and anytime.

3. Facilitates Discussion

The software needs to be designed to ‘bring alive’ information on people and their skills and experience and limitations; it needs to facilitate easy discussion and trigger pertinent questions in talent review discussions.

4. Actor Oriented

Only software that is simple and engaging to employees, managers, executives and HR teams alike will succeed in bringing talent management to life throughout the organization.

5. Simple & Visual

Simplicity is the key – software that provides simple processes on easy to use technology is more effective & sustainable

6. Always Accessible

Constant accessibility by all key players releases talent discussion and decisions to be made anytime and anywhere rather than restricted to HR managed annual cycles.

 7. Analytics & Metrics

Headline metrics must be easy to compile, and flexible analytics tools will help both in formulating new talent strategies and implementing today’s plans


Betsy Kolkea

En la actualidad, Betsy Kolkea trabaja como consultora de recursos humanos en Meta4. Betsy cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia en la gestión internacional de RRHH y en el área de tecnología aplicada a la gestión del talento. Ha desarrollado su carrera profesional en el ámbito de los recursos humanos tanto en compañías privadas como en organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro, tales como World Vision International, United Mission to Nepal, Pecaso, Tate & Lyle y Conoco. Con un Máster en International Human Resources por la Universidad de Cranfield, Betsy está particularmente interesada en la globalización de las empresas y más concretamente en el papel crítico que juegan las personas para el éxito organizacional. Durante su etapa liderando diferentes equipos de Recursos Humanos , Betsy se hizo consciente del papel fundamental que ocupa la tecnología como habilitador para gestionar a las personas de forma eficiente. Ha participado en la puesta en marcha de diferentes soluciones de Recursos Humanos desde varias perspectivas, tanto como cliente como de consultor.

Currently working as an HR Consultant with Meta4, Betsy has over twenty years’ experience in international HR and HR technology. Her career spans both commercial and not for profit organisations, having held HR positions in World Vision International, United Mission to Nepal, Pecaso (SAP HR Consultancy), Tate & Lyle, and Conoco. With a Masters from Cranfield University in International Human Resources, Betsy is particularly interested in the globalisation of organisations and specifically how critical people management is to organisational success. During her time in HR team leadership roles, Betsy was particularly aware of the importance of HR technology as an enabler for effective people management. She has been involved in implementing both Peoplenet and SAP HR, both from a customer perspective and as a consulting implementation partner.

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