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The Best HR And Tech Articles Of 2014


It’s Time to Redesign HR, by John Bersin in

People love to write insulting articles about Human Resources. The most famous was “Why We Hate HR” from FastCompany in 2005. A recent one here in LinkedIn comes from Bernard Marr, who dislikes the title of the department and then talks about why we need “people analytics.” An article in the Wall Street Journal recently highlighted companies that have chosen to do away with the function entirely…

Why Aren’t We Training More Managers to Manage Virtual Teams?, by John Zappe in TLNT

Notwithstanding Yahoo’s end to employee telecommuting, the global trend toward virtual workplaces is accelerating. Surveys vary widely on the percentage of companies with remote workers — from about 30 percent in some surveys up to SHRM’s finding that nearly half (46 percent) of all companies have at least some contractors, freelancers, or remote workers who rarely, if ever, come into the office…

How To Create Social Impact Through Thoughtful Networks, by Katrina Pugh in The Huffington Post

For the first century after Darwin published the Origin of the Species in 1859, sociologists and biologists claimed that we act as self-serving individuals. They pointed to Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” and prevalence of competition in our markets and hierarchies. Yet in the 1970s researchers such as Steven Jay Gould, Richard Lewontin and others exposed new dynamics of human culture…

Working socially, by Harold Jarche, Life in Perpetual Beta

Why should I, as an OD/HR/L&D professional, concerned with the human aspects of organizations, have to understand social media and enterprise social networks? Saying we don’t need to understand social media is like saying we didn’t need to understand speaking, reading or writing to do our jobs before…

The Time Is Now To Re-Think Your Workplace, by Jeanne Meister, in  Forbes

Throughout the latter half of the 20th Century, the concept of work and the workplace has remained much the same: eight hours a day, in cubicles, and marked by performance reviews just once per year. But now, the workplace has evolved. It has become something that companies no longer take for granted, but rather see as a nexus of innovation, collaboration and a way to attract and retain top talent...

Oops–I Deleted the HR Department, by William Tincup in

Last night, during a routine server swap, John Davies, IT Director at Kapper Media, inadvertently deleted the company’s entire HR department, sources confirm. “All the files, all the data, and all the software, they’re all gone,” reports one employee, who spoke withreporters under the condition of anonymity...

Realigning Performance Management with Business Reality!, by Ian Welsh in his blog

The times they are a changing and our workforces also. New generations of employees are seeking better and more real time performance feedback from their supervisors. A program based on annual reviews is no longer appropriate. With the increasing use of freelancers (contract employees) and outsourcing, many workers will not be associated with a company for as long as a year, but their contribution to company results is critical. A new approach to performance management is essential to match the business dynamics

84% Of Enterprises See Big Data Analytics Changing Their Industries', Competitive Landscapes In The Next Year, by Louis Columbus in Forbes

87% of enterprises believe Big Data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years. 89% believe that companies that do not adopt a Big Data analytics strategy in the next year risk losing market share and momentum...

By Irene Giménez, Content Management Specialist

Editorial HR

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