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The New Corporate HR Director: 20 Tips And 20 Key Skills


What makes a good corporate HR director? The answer is not simple, we could talk about leadership, strategic vision, flexibility...but in reality it entails a set of many different skills, being skilled in different contexts and times, having a global and local vision, knowing what makes an excellent professional. The Human Capital manager in a multinational must have different skills, as complex as their own profession. Of course, all of these can be worked at and developed. In this regard, it is important that these professionals be vigilant, because your post today is highly strategic; good talent management marks the difference between excellent organizations and those that are left behind. Especially at a moment when it’s commonly known that it’s so hard to find the right people for each position, and even more to retain them. In this paper we have collected twenty tips and skills that we consider very important for a corporate HR director, to guide him or her through developing and improving skills, on the job day to day, although we could cite many more, of course. Let’s take a look at them.



María José Fraile, Corporate HR Director, Meta4

Bettina Rodríguez Flick, Corporate Marketing Director, Meta4

Maria José Fraile

María José Fraile es Directora Corporativa de RR.HH. en Meta4 y cuenta con una amplia experiencia dentro del ámbito de la Gestión de Personas, adaptando la función a las diferentes etapas de desarrollo de una empresa: hiper-crecimiento, fusiones y adquisiciones, reestructuraciones, gestion de crisis, etc. Además ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar directamente en la línea de producto, apoyando el diseño de aplicaciones de software, consultoría y pre-venta de soluciones para la gestión de RR.HH. y Gestión del Conocimiento.

María José Fraile is the Meta4 Corporate HR Director with extensive experience in the people management field, adjusting the HR function to the different developmental stages of a company: hyper-growth, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, crisis management, among others. She has also had the opportunity to work directly in the product line, supporting software application design, consulting and pre-sales solutions for HR management and knowledge management.

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