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Our 5 Favorite Articles Of The Month! - July 2015


Bringing Out The Best In Those You Lead, by Tanveer Naseer (@tanveernaseer) in his blog

Of all the seasons of the year, summer is without question my favourite. From attending the various outdoor festivals that Montreal has become renowned for, to the annual summer vacation breaks with my family, there’s no question that summer is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. Of course, renewal and rejuvenation is something that summer has also brought to my garden which, after several years of trying to grow various flowers and shrubs, is finally the kind of garden I had hoped to grow since we moved into our house many years ago...

When Employer Branding and Candidate Experience Collide, by Nick Price (@NickPrice) in Recruiting Blogs

I've worked in Employer Branding for nearly 20 years. I surprise myself every time I say it, but it really is that long. I started by working on research strategies for clients in recruitment when the idea was still in its infancy. Research - other than some basic media hunting - was not a prerequisite, so it was said, for a successful job ad. After all, it was also treading on the time and resources of the Ad Men. These guys had great ideas and wanted to bang the ads out. Preferably a full page in something like The Sunday Times that would satisfy the commission hungry bean counters...

HR Meets Technology: The Ten Facets Of Culture by Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro) in Forbes

HR is experiencing a watershed moment. It’s not like the massive shift from virtual punchcards and e-forms to Cloud-based applications and analytics. It’s not the sudden appearance of millennials texting in the staff cafeteria, or the first Internet conference call. It’s the shift to a new paradigm: HR and Technology is essential to the success of an organization. This is culture. Simply put, HR has become an integral, critical component in the functioning of business, from strategy to operations, customer experience to culture. It’s no longer a tangent, or a bunch of middle managers working in a bubble of regulations and number-crunching somewhere on the seventh floor. Not that we ever saw ourselves that way...

How to successfully manage creative people, by Ben Tallon (@BenTallon) in

There’s a default mechanism, deep in the subconscious mind of freelance creative professionals. It automatically holds down the reset button every time the words ‘business’ or ‘management’ are mentioned. It was only upon writing Champagne and Wax Crayons, a first person, brutally honest account of transforming my childhood hobbies of drawing wrestlers and footballers into an international career working as an illustrator and art director that I noticed the importance of that feared term, management; something I foolishly felt had left my life in 2008 along with full-time employment...

Guiding Change – Grow Through Change, by Rod Willis (@RodWillisGTC) in People Development Magazine

Now we all know you are unlikely to get a successful change initiative if it is not led well at all levels.  A model of Leadership that I use is called the Primary Colours® of Leadership. There are three principles domains: The Strategic, Operational and Interpersonal.  (Primary Colours Model is copyright of Edgecumbe Consulting Group Ltd) Historical best practice ensures the organisation is clear about its Strategy, identifies the Operational needs, and then works with the People to resource accordingly.  Well after much study, research and reflection a shift is starting to occur resulting in enhanced organisational effectiveness and efficiency...

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