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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - June '19


HR Still Need to Solve Its Resume Problem

“For every job posted online, hundreds of people will apply. The majority of resumes submitted along with these applications will never meet the eyes of a human being. (…) Of the resumes that make the cut, less than 10% will advance to an interview.”

By DJ Jeffries at

It’s Not Just Translating that Makes Multilingual Employees So Valuable

Multilingual speakers will help you better accommodate all your customers. They can help with communication and offer a better understanding of different cultures. (…) having a multilingual workforce will provide better communication, marketing, and brand image.

By Jason O’Brien at


How to Delegate Effectively and Be a Successful Leader

“The new school of leadership is, if you want the job done right, you have to learn how to delegate it properly so that it can be done to the proper standard.”

By Lolly Daskal at


How to Correctly Diagnose 5 Common Talent Problems

“If your company has any of the problems listed here, what you really have is an employer brand problem. Luckily, there’s a clear solution. By defining the “why” behind the work, you can show candidates what your company stands for, why it’s a good fit and how your job can improve their lives”

By James Ellis at


3 Ways to know It’s Time to Hire New Employees

“Starting a business is often overwhelming, especially if you're a company of one and you wear every hat. (…)That's the real key to making a smart decision about whether or not to add staffing. Hiring additional people should solve a real problem, meet a real need, make a real difference to your customers, but do so without crippling your business financially.”

By Craig Bloem at

Editorial HR

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